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used for emphasis.
after extra time it was still two all
(in games) used after a number to indicate an equal score.
all the people I met
used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing.
giving their all for what they believed
the whole of one's possessions, energy, or interest.
dressed 'all' in black
As a nation of 28 million car owners we 'all' have our pet hates when we get behind the wheel.
'all' by himself
However, to a certain extent 'all' university students are indulging in escapism to a degree.
she's been 'all' round the world
it was 'all' very strange
'all' I want is to be left alone
One common theme of my favourite movies is that they are 'all' , to some extent, expressionist.
So, with 'all' due respect, let's see what the outcome is before passing judgement.
he was 'all' chat
it's 'all' because of him
He was beyond 'all' hope, rolling around on the floor with tears in his eyes.
they were in 'all' probability completely unaware
And then it finally sank in that he was beyond 'all' hope, and that she was powerless to stop him.
she left 'all' her money to him
It is a clever piece of ensemble filmmaking that succeeds beyond 'all' reasonable hope.
That that was the joint intention of both these parties appears to me to be beyond 'all' doubt.
I felt that I had been a victim all of my life. I have had 'all' sorts of bad things happen to me.
Tranquillity is one of the central qualities which define what the national park is 'all' about.
What is certain is that the owners of these cars would 'all' have been very wealthy people.
The boxer denied 'all' knowledge of the gun, ammunition and drugs and told police he had been set up.
Ja gave each song his 'all' .
They should 'all' leave better prepared for whatever life and work throws at them.
The practical demands of wartime changed social customs beyond 'all' recognition.
This will be a fit and forget installation that we 'all' love and no doubt will outlast the bike you fit it to as well as you.
'all' my clothes
In 'all' likelihood, most of those apprehended had no idea they were breaking the law.
In the 50th minute Conway dropped a great goal from 35 metres leaving the scores at 3 'all' .
Where is the Government in all of this, do they think 'all' is right with the world, do they?
We are making sure they are doing everything in their power to sort things out with 'all' due speed.
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