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he allied his racing experience with his father's business acumen
combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit.
allied territories
joined by or relating to members of an alliance.
The government panicked over the reaction to possible leaks about its plans to plant the nuclear devices in an 'allied' country.
This suffering could have been greatly alleviated had there been more 'allied' troops on the ground.
Mr Howard said it was not new for Australian forces to go overseas to defend the nation as part of an 'allied' effort.
Don't the 'allied' forces keep each other informed of training sessions and the like?
So how can more companies be encouraged to invest in these 'allied' countries?
The uprising led to a fierce, and widely condemned, retaliation by government forces and 'allied' militia.
Will it be a World War in the sense of two blocs of 'allied' forces fighting each other?
They are happy to bring in 'allied' forces, but only after the fighting is over, to help in peacekeeping.
Unlike medicine and 'allied' professions, psychotherapy has established itself primarily outside the state sector.
The Sierra Club and 'allied' organizations have intervened in support of the Park Service.
What do the 'allied' coalition members plan to do in terms of changing their strategy?
The terrorist act in America and the 'allied' efforts in Afghanistan were hot topics at the meeting.
His previous government was brought down in 1999 when an 'allied' party withdrew support.
It presents an ideal opportunity to enhance the public image of the chemical and 'allied' industries.
Finally, the intervention of 'allied' troops was ineffectual and actually amateurish.
In the 20th century, aircraft and motor vehicles came to the fore along with numerous 'allied' industries.
Even as he rejected allied policies, Reagan sought to preserve 'allied' relations.
The last wave in each mission has you defending your fleet so certain 'allied' ships can make an escape.
We all know we're way short of the number of doctors and 'allied' health professionals we need.
It is hard now to deny that the 'allied' intervention saved Afghan lives.
Most were joint operations, and some were conducted with forces from 'allied' nations.
Considerable sympathy and understanding was shown for the difficulties facing 'allied' troops in Iraq.
The French are also deeply involved, as are other European and 'allied' nations in Africa.
On the one hand it is good for the manufacturing industry and other 'allied' industries like advertising and marketing.
He uses them as an opportunity to effectively endorse propaganda techniques against 'allied' nations.
Prior to their withdrawal, anticipating an 'Allied' airborne invasion, the Nazis heavily mined the area.
He was 'allied with' Clinton in the whole Monica Lewinsky controversy, a key Democrat in Washington.
the liberation of Paris by 'Allied' troops
Eisenhower was given the title Supreme Commander of the 'Allied' Expeditionary Forces.
The two of them met at the Nuremberg trials, where my mother was an 'Allied' stenographer.
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