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She spoke of getting travel allowanced but this depended on the social worker who had been assigned and they are not allowed leave their accommodation for more than three days.
give (someone) a sum of money regularly as an allowance.
a seventy-five-pound baggage allowance
the amount of something that is permitted, especially within a set of regulations or for a specified purpose.
Regardless of how much you give, it's a good idea to regularly disperse the 'allowance' and increase the amount as the child gets older.
He is winless in seven starts since a pair of victories, a maiden special weight race and an 'allowance' race, in February at Gulfstream Park.
My parents don't really give us an 'allowance' , but they let us have however much we want as long as we promise to pay them back.
To develop a workable budget with your child, have her divide the total amount of the 'allowance' into three categories: spending, savings, and giving.
Consequently, the ability of pregnant sows in stalls to get up and lie down could be improved by increasing the space 'allowance' within the stall.
Apart from a personal 'allowance' , all other exemptions are abolished.
Ally, I was pretty sure, spent most of her money on clothes and other pointless things, though she got a monthly 'allowance' from her parents.
For instance, a fine of €100 will be imposed on each of the next 10 drinks in excess of the weekly 'allowance' .
In attempting to prise control away from the previous power brokers for four years, the owner of the chain of convenience stores used up his 'allowance' of good publicity.
the 'allowance' of slavery in the South
It's as if you are a teenager cussing out your parents before demanding your 'allowance' and the keys to the car.
your baggage 'allowance'
There needs to be systemic 'allowance' for the fact that getting regulated prices ‘right’ is very hard.
As a result, time 'allowance' for writing is ensured, which contributes to reduction of software processing load by an external device.
The huge amounts that this would bring in would allow the personal 'allowance' to be raised by a couple of thousand, helping those on low and medium incomes.
Kiss a Native won the Victoria Park Stakes and an 'allowance' at Woodbine Race Course in his last two starts.
Opposition parties yesterday hit out at the Government's decision to limit the back-to-work 'allowance' to those who have been unemployed for five years.
My parents taught me to save the coins of my 'allowance' .
She travels with her baggage 'allowance' of 70 pounds.
However, StudyLink requires full-time students to complete their courses within 19 weeks to qualify for a student 'allowance' .
She threatened me that if I don't eat my lunch, I won't get any 'allowance' from my parents.
the elderly receive a heating 'allowance' every winter
PriceThis refers to the money that customers have to pay for the product, such as a wholesale price or retail price, 'allowance' and credit terms.
My parents started giving me an 'allowance' , and they said that if I were to go out to the movies or buy Ana anything, I would have to start working for the money.
Can you tell me when a person aged 75 is given an extra 'allowance' for tax purposes?
So your submission was directed at the specificity of a percentile discount rather than the entitlement of some 'allowance' in the reduction of the punitive sentence?
The only concession is that they are entitled to keep their personal 'allowance' .
As long as the total amount of interest falls within the 'allowance' , then no tax will be payable.
Seat dimensions should be explored considering passenger health, size, and 'allowance' for seat-space reductions when the seat in front is reclined.
Because any unused portion of a housing 'allowance' is lost, an employee has no incentive to try to bid down the cost of their accommodation.
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