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he allied his racing experience with his father's business acumen
combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit.
Japan is, for all intents and purposes, our strongest ally in Asia at the moment.
a state formally cooperating with another for a military or other purpose, typically by treaty.
forming adverbs from adjectives ending in -al (such as radically from radical ).
I've come to see the cactus as an organic metaphor for technology; a thorny 'ally' in the artistic process.
Within my global responsibilities, the legal department was a close 'ally' and business partner.
Japan is, for all intents and purposes, our strongest 'ally' in Asia at the moment.
Slapping the cohorts of a military 'ally' in the face is not very respectable.
he was forced to dismiss his closest political 'ally'
He was in a particularly bad mood one day after his father had called him to come help him promote a political 'ally' .
he was forced to dismiss his closest political 'ally'
I also believe such a shift would be good for the nationalist brand: it would 'ally' the party with the quality of dynamism, while showing commitment to personal as well as national ‘freedom’.
He said he had no idea his political 'ally' was misusing Forum funds.
You sideline friends and 'allies' , whose cooperation could help preserve your security.
Four Scots ambassadors, two bishops and two nobles, sailed for France in July, and 'allied' the country to Philip IV in October 1295.
The Philippines and Thailand are military 'allies' of the U.S. in Southeast Asia.
Montgomery wanted the 'Allies' to use the power they had to get to Berlin before the Russians.
I get the feeling that she rather enjoys criticism, likes the way it 'allies her with' the feminists of the past, the Germaine Greers and Mary Wollstonecrafts, who have also been made to suffer for their beliefs.
Moderate Conservatives will prefer not to 'ally themselves with' those views and will stay at home.
According to friends, he enjoys making avian analogies between rare birds and his political 'allies' and enemies.
The division among progressive 'allies' is a signal of the genomic politics to come.
A renewal of the war was unavoidable, and the 'Allies' promptly formed the Seventh Coalition.
Many Jews had fought for the 'Allies' during World War Two and had developed their military skills as a result.
While the wars remained a contest for empire, Britain was less dependent on 'allies' .
For over 50 years our country, with our 'allies' , has sought to avoid war by deterring potential aggressors.
Already decorated with an Iron Cross, Gecas was later decorated for fighting for the 'Allies' .
He still has 'allies' inside Umno and among Malaysia's numerous royal families.
As his political 'allies' and opponents will know only too well, he had so much more to offer.
I also choose to continue with the discourse of addiction, in spite of the compelling arguments about its limits and fallibility, because it 'allies me with' people who are living in ways I value.
Other nations that fought for the 'Allies' offered their support for the declaration.
In Mexico, the Greens are 'allying themselves with' the right-wing Catholic PAN party, enthusiastic supporters of economic deregulation (free trade).
If the 'Allies' controlled the rail junction, they could supply their own men.
What is out-dated is the belief that it is possible to conduct politics by ignoring your 'allies' and angering your enemies.
Rochdale could be justly proud of the role it played in helping the 'Allies' to victory in World War Two.
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