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he almost knocked Georgina over
not quite; very nearly.
She was prepared to put up with 'almost' anything in order not to have to face up to her past.
If you pick up an injury which 'almost' costs you the whole season it is very frustrating.
blues, jazz—he can play 'almost' anything
the storm was 'almost' upon them
On the fifth he drove it in a creek to the left and 'almost' broke his club hacking it out of there.
the place was 'almost' empty
it's 'almost' over
In fact, what they need 'almost' as much as help with the shopping is someone to chat to.
he 'almost' knocked Georgina over
There was 'almost' a sense that if we did not say the word the problem would go away.
It was 'almost' as if the local wildlife had decided to put on a show just to entertain us.
it 'almost' doubled last year
They now have to spend 'almost' as much time at the station as they do out on the streets.
He is smoking a pipe, and it 'almost' goes without saying that he is wearing a dark suit.
I 'almost' forgot
The van 'almost' ground to a halt as it scraped along the passenger side of my vehicle.
We had gone out for a couple of hours and when we returned the fire was 'almost' out.
Rachel laughed, 'almost' apologetically
it was 'almost' all there
it will eat 'almost' anything
To our west, the great sheet of ice that stretched before us was 'almost' too much to take in.
Some of the lads have come and gone, but we've got a hard core who 'almost' always turn up.
Add it all up and in 'almost' every city in the UK it is now cheaper to rent than to buy.
A guy made a dash for the train door and the door 'almost' closed but he pried it open.
he 'almost' knocked Georgina over
He could sit down with a drawing pad and sketch out 'almost' every movement of a game.
By the time my reply was ready to send back 'almost' an hour had passed and it was midnight.
I gave him a bone off of one of the plates earlier as a reward and he 'almost' ate the whole thing.
he 'almost' dropped the bottle
That's the gem that one of her pet dogs 'almost' ate when she lost it in a hotel room.
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