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ਦੇ ਨਾਲ-ਨਾਲ
he had brought along a friend of his
in or into company with others.
soon we were driving along a narrow road
moving in a constant direction on (a path or any more or less horizontal surface).
cars were parked along the grass border
extending in a more or less horizontal line on.
cars were parked 'along' the grass verge
Naturally she went 'along' to see who it was, and it turned out to be a cousin of mine.
Reasonable ledges, however, continue 'along' the narrow rift to where the shaft widens out.
to move sth 'along'
Because this road is used by so many commercial vehicles, many trucks pass 'along' the road each day.
We wandered 'along' in the other direction until we came to the Imperial golf course which we decided to cut across so we could see the canal.
But running, especially pounding 'along' on a hard surface like a road or path, can put a lot of strain on joints.
And, if we are lucky we are able to advance the cause of progress a bit 'along' the way.
If all the computer could do was pass 'along' the information it received, it could not be credited with recognizing anything at all.
In his early days, William's father was not sure his son was progressing 'along' the right lines.
Jeeps sped 'along' in both directions on the dirt track.
they drove 'along'
A folder was thrown onto the table; it slid 'along' the smooth surface to land in front of her.
The first lagoon is situated at the top of the hill and the system of lagoons progresses downwards 'along' the contours of the land.
my French is coming 'along' nicely
Mrs Kerr said cars were lined 'along' both kerbs as a white Ford Transit van approached from the opposite direction.
He was made to walk 'along' a winding passage then up steps and suddenly he felt a chilling breeze.
you'll pick up some valuable tips 'along' the way
he saw Gray run 'along' the top of the wall
So if you plan to take your pet 'along' for the trip this summer, here's what you should keep in mind before heading out.
This is important information that can be passed 'along' to a partner.
This racehorse has been progressing 'along' the right lines.
We took 'along' a laptop computer and a digital camera to provide updates of each day's progress.
I wanted to pass 'along' this school's method of attempting to keep the decibel level to a minimum.
we continued to plod 'along'
You're driving along a road in a residential area, no doubt there are cars parked 'along' the side which means there is only room for one car to pass.
take 'along' a camcorder when you visit
Instead we found ourselves trundling everywhere in a clapped-out truck 'along' roads with challenging surfaces.
he had brought 'along' a friend of his
Amy woke up while the world was still dark, and only a thin line of grey 'along' the horizon indicated the coming of dawn.
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