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alphabetical characters
of or relating to an alphabet.
Studies have shown even that 'alphabetical' order of names can be the prime factor in winning or losing elections.
A state-by-state and 'alphabetical' guide of root beer brands includes vintage models like this one from Canada Dry.
To help make bingos, most competitive players arrange their tiles in 'alphabetical' order, into alphagrams.
Players are in 'alphabetical' order in the index from Abad to Zuleta.
Then the next hour or so was spent putting the CDs onto the shelves, which required me having a good old sort out and arranging them all into 'alphabetical' order.
in 'alphabetical' order
To some scholars, it looks like Chinese characters, while others think it looks more like 'alphabetical' writing.
In interests of fairness, and to avoid any suggestion of judgement from me, the pieces are presented in 'alphabetical' order by blog name.
Here's our guide to finding the best buys for back-to-school wear this year, listed in 'alphabetical' order.
It's really an address book, but it serves very well to record the names of my plants in 'alphabetical' order, together with where they came from and when I planted them.
Amazingly enough, the voters had cast their ballots in 'alphabetical' order.
The first book's title, he admits, was a deliberate attempt to get it listed first in an 'alphabetical' list of walking books being produced at the time.
Brackets take a few milliseconds more to type since you have to stretch your fingers out of the range of the familiar 'alphabetical' keys.
Make an 'alphabetical' list of all your lovable qualities from adorably brilliantly cool to xerophytic, youthful and zymotic.
The buildings were lettered for easy identification, in 'alphabetical' order from east to west.
The hint was that the clues and/or the answers were in some way 'alphabetical' from A to M and that at a later date we could expect a second quiz covering from N to Z.
We named these loci based on their linkage group number followed by one or more 'alphabetical' characters.
'alphabetical' catalogue
Eliza begins to look at life in 'alphabetical' terms.
There's several hundred bands to choose from, listed in long and eye-glazing 'alphabetical' order.
Without further ado, here's my take on the city's top 10 best pieces of theatre in 'alphabetical' order.
They are actually going to have some sort of organization, although I can't promise anything 'alphabetical' .
I guess its just that as you get older, things for some bizarre reason start to look better in 'alphabetical' order, or at right angles to each other, or not all over your bedroom floor.
She shipped in a huge library of books and arranged all 600 of them into 'alphabetical' order, which was stipulated in the script.
It is your fault I put my canned goods in 'alphabetical' order.
Who are the respective champions of those 'alphabetical' soup organizations?
One page, for example, is covered top to bottom with the names of U.S. cities in 'alphabetical' order.
My first year at college, we discovered that the incoming students in our dorm had been assigned to rooms 'alphabetically' .
Research on Chinese-reading children with dyslexia show a different part of the brain may be involved in their case than with 'alphabetic' languages.
When these readers are able to represent a letter or a combination of letters by their phonemes, they utilize the 'alphabetic' principle.
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