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the governorship alternated between the Republican and Democratic parties
occur in turn repeatedly.
Not only that, but if your ex-wife is named as your executor or trustee, she will be ineligible to serve, and the person named as the alternate will serve.
a person who acts as a deputy or substitute.
she was asked to attend on alternate days
every other; every second.
the rerouted traffic takes a variety of alternate routes
taking the place of; alternative.
Olivia agreed to continue therapy on an 'alternate' week schedule.
And in any event he doesn't know where the ‘somewhere else’ is that he might buy it, as the high street isn't precisely full of 'alternate' retail channels.
Solumediol 500 mg was given on 'alternate' days.
Gorgeous waves and curls 'alternate' with straight strands as the hottest trends for Fall styles.
The need then for an 'alternate' development model that was pro-poor, pro-women and anti-caste was urgent as caste and feudal values inhibited the process of development.
Continue this exercise with 'alternate' resting of each eye and you will find that you can keep your eyes open for longer periods without losing the improved vision.
Through the construction of the hostel by using 'alternate' technology, the Kerala-based Habitat Technology group has also propagated the message of energy efficiency.
Strips of printed fabrics may alternate with plain-fabric strips, or unpieced strips may 'alternate' with pieced strips.
My second and third exercises are dumbbell preacher curls and seated 'alternate' dumbbell curls, and again I supinate or pronate appropriately.
Caudel ferry, coloured with saffron, might be solid enough to slice, and was sometimes served in a dish in 'alternate' quarters with blancmange to make a yellow and white pattern.
We have already established 'alternate' plans for the following blogs.
We could hardly bear to look out the window; but now shrubs, and the eucalyptus trees which 'alternate' with the casuarinas, have hidden the damage.
Beautiful sandy beaches 'alternate' with rocky headlands, and magnificent coastal villages shine like beacons on the shore…
Eventually, the Soviet Bloc rock scene grew into an 'alternate' world, complete with a string of safe houses that one could use to inhabit the counterculture no matter where one went.
In the wards indigenous hammocks 'alternate' with traditional hospital beds.
The upright stems have many, 'alternate' , pinnately compound leaves with sharply toothed or lacerate leaflets.
At the same time, you may be better off emphasizing one over the other during 'alternate' training cycles.
Throughout the volumes that comprised the second season, I've complained about the 'alternate' Earth episodes.
Instead, we have created an 'alternate' committee to promote how the province could engage in treaty negotiations.
The change to Level 3 restrictions came into effect from Saturday, and means people can now use a hand-held hose for 60 minutes in the evening on 'alternate' days.
Although the shapes of mums vary depending on their species, they usually have stems sporting multi-branches with 'alternate' leaves.
Check weather conditions as soon as entering the local traffic pattern and get updates on a regular basis for your primary and 'alternate' landing base if the weather begins to deteriorate.
Every second window has been screwed closed, with 'alternate' windows to be opened periodically to aerate the interior.
At the start of every year Newtown travel to Ballybunion and Lough Gur in Limerick on 'alternate' Sunday mornings, running the dunes in Ballybunion and the steep hills that overlook the old crannogs in Lough Gur.
This quality of pain may 'alternate' with other qualities, depending upon what other factors are involved in a particular patient's case.
Residents in Pickering are so fed up with 'alternate' standard and ‘green’ waste collections every fortnight that hundreds have signed a petition calling for a return to the old system.
What they desire is an India-England series on a home and away four-year cycle (series in 'alternate' years) like the current Ashes series so a brand can effectively be developed.
The Internet, for better or worse, has intensified the promulgation of conspiracy theories, 'alternate' realities, and instant rumors.
My father took me to the Marina every 'alternate' day and buried me hip deep in the sand.
From Tuesday, starting in Sedgley Park, Bury Council has launched its new phase of doorstep recycling which involves collecting residual waste which is not recyclable on an 'alternate' weekly rota.
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