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gorgeous colors and exquisite decoration
beautiful; very attractive.
they've got 'gorgeous' pink flowers
He gave me a cut that's easy to maintain and he did the colour, which is 'gorgeous' .
Not just sunny, but really really warm, like summer warm which was 'gorgeous' .
A 'gorgeous' deep golden colour on the flanks blends with a dark green tinge to the back.
She looked as 'gorgeous' as ever and certainly had every young lad in town gawking with dropped jaws.
Even the CD cover art, a series of full color photographs of tribal masks, is 'gorgeous' .
her boyfriend is 'gorgeous'
The hero of the day was the bright sunshine and balmy spring weather as the event kicked off under 'gorgeous' sunny skies.
First, she's 'gorgeous' , with the kind of natural good looks that stop traffic.
If he wasn't so sweet and 'gorgeous' and funny she would never have been attracted to him in the first place.
He is gorgeous; he has these sexy full lips and 'gorgeous' sparkling blue eyes.
It was such a 'gorgeous' day that we had morning coffee on the patio of a friend's house.
the weather was 'gorgeous'
They have an absolutely 'gorgeous' autumn range of food in at the moment.
The shop was full of attractive men buying Valentine's cards for their 'gorgeous' women.
The weather is 'gorgeous' , and we are constantly bobbing around in the wakes of larger boats.
Then I met the lovely and 'gorgeous' Dan for lunch from his place of work at 3 Park Avenue.
He was his usual 'gorgeous' and good looking self, carrying his shoulder bag full with books.
Meanwhile we have redesigned our website, and pretty 'gorgeous' it looks too.
he's going out with a 'gorgeous' girl
The hotel was set on the beach itself, with a beautiful view of the white, white sands and the 'gorgeous' sunset.
You can give your bathroom an instant update by adding colour with a pile of 'gorgeous' towels.
I remember her being on the news when I was still at school and I thought she was a very sexy woman, 'gorgeous' .
It's a lush, sleepy island with 'gorgeous' coves and citrus fruit hanging like jewels from the trees.
The other contestants were absolutely 'gorgeous' and I didn't think I had a chance.
she looked 'gorgeous'
I am a sucker for beauty stuff that smells 'gorgeous' - the more exotic, the better.
I'd just run a 'gorgeous' bath with bubbles galore, hot water and a divine smell from the bath soak.
The surface was slightly choppy but otherwise it was a 'gorgeous' English summer's day.
they have 'gorgeous' food there
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