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police have launched an initiative to tackle rising crime
make determined efforts to deal with (a problem or difficult task).
fishing tackle
the equipment required for a task or sport.
They pumped out water and used ropes and tackle to lift and pull pieces of the aircraft apart to conduct a search for hazardous components.
a mechanism consisting of ropes, pulley blocks, hooks, or other things for lifting heavy objects.
The terminal 'tackle' is heavy to minimise the effort in casting and to keep the soft bait on the hook.
A shortage of cutting tools and 'tackle' seem to be holding them up.
A network of experts is being set up across the country to 'tackle' bullying in schools.
Also carried were a small life raft and small tent plus some fishing 'tackle' , and a bottle of chemicals to ward off mosquitoes.
They pumped out water and used ropes and 'tackle' to lift and pull pieces of the aircraft apart to conduct a search for hazardous components.
Evening dresses lived in the foyer closet of all places and fishing 'tackle' , liquor bottles, and fertilizers were stored in the garage closet.
Every crunching 'tackle' was cheered, every spinning pass applauded.
We're calling on people to send us their old poles, 'tackle' , and other fishing gear so that we can use it in our demonstrations and other Fish Empathy Project endeavors.
Then came the call of one of the local sailors who was fixing the 'tackle' on the side of the ship.
Then imagine moving in to 'tackle' an oncoming ballcarrier who is bigger.
Without the rise, the government will not 'tackle' child poverty, it says.
The back portion of the hardware store was devoted to guns and fishing 'tackle' .
Over the winter I have equipped myself with 'tackle' suitable for catching large pike.
Remember to leave all that heavy 'tackle' at home and to travel as light as possible.
If you choose to take your own 'tackle' for boat fishing then you need fairly hefty gear.
Regardless of the magnitude of the task, 'tackle' it with all of your heart, soul and mind.
Without a legitimate starting defensive 'tackle' on their roster, the Eagles must get one.
Turning, he could see the mast of the schooner held by the 'tackle' .
Lifting 'tackle' can take up scenery and properties weighing a ton through a trap door in the roof to the second floor, 25 feet above.
Then she began to make out dim shapes that in a few moments revealed themselves to be crates, 'tackle' , ropes, barrels, and hooks.
The measures were introduced as part of a drive to 'tackle' soaring levels of anti-social behaviour.
Wiltord runs at Cisse and is relieved of the ball by a wonderful 'tackle' from Cisse, who's having a fantastic game.
The other way to utilize your light 'tackle' is fishing from your dinghy.
As I walk toward the car, she is handed a steel box of fishing 'tackle' , small but heavy, requiring two hands to manage.
A reasonable head of smaller fish, including Roach and Rudd offers the chance of good sport on light 'tackle' .
Thankfully, because of the heavy 'tackle' and the skill of the boat men you get most of your lures back undamaged.
Was it true that there were fishing 'tackle' not used?
She is backing the Safer Streets Coalition which is calling for more Government action to 'tackle' speeding.
he was only prevented from scoring by a fine 'tackle'
police have launched an initiative to 'tackle' rising crime
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