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she made an appointment with my receptionist
an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place.
his appointment as president
an act of appointing; assigning a job or position to someone.
translation of 'Appiointment'
she took up an 'appointment' as head of communications
This is about the 'appointment' of a second chief executive to a Taranaki public health bureaucracy.
The therapist then assigned homework and made an 'appointment' for the next session.
Alexander is currently posted in Moscow, his second 'appointment' to Russia.
Her 'appointment' , beginning on Monday, is the second key post to be given to a woman at North Yorkshire Police in recent weeks.
I have been told they should have made an 'appointment' before visiting and I am not obliged to tell them anything.
They hadn't made an 'appointment' and nobody at the schools knew who they were.
Parents may feel free to contact Mary at the school and arrange for an 'appointment' to meet her.
He made an 'appointment' for us to return to the hospital the next day to see the specialist who was treating my wife's cancer.
We made an 'appointment' for 2 weeks after that phone call to sit down and get things started.
We wait for someone who has made an 'appointment' , and not kept it, or made contact.
He asked for a Sense of Council regarding her 'appointment' to this position, and it was positive.
A friend of mine works in a hairdressers down the road so I made an 'appointment' and off we went.
she made an 'appointment' with my receptionist
I phoned up my local private hospital, and made an 'appointment' for the following Thursday!
his 'appointment' as President
The doctor referred us to the clinic and we made an 'appointment' for the two day counselling session that was required first.
This was his first visit to Bulgaria after his recent 'appointment' to the position.
I have made an 'appointment' with the director at the mental health trust to talk through what she is looking for and see how it could fit with my career plans.
she made an 'appointment' with my receptionist
In 1850, he returned to Ireland to take up an 'appointment' as Archbishop of Armagh.
The town crier for Dalton-in-Furness does the job so well that he has landed himself a second 'appointment' .
In the end, my sister-in-law made an 'appointment' for him, and told him to stop being so pathetic.
Pat asked who was in a position to assess a referee from another county before his 'appointment' .
Accordingly the purchaser would be warned to insist on the 'appointment' of a second trustee for his own protection.
We felt she was a genuine caller and an officer made an 'appointment' to meet her; the lady did not turn up.
Initially, Tony sees the job as a temporary 'appointment' , just to help him earn enough money to get a flight back to England.
We were building a house in Isleworth, and I had made an 'appointment' to meet a friend of ours on the site.
his 'appointment' as president
She made an 'appointment' to see her GP the next day, taking along a list of matching symptoms.
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