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இதற்கு மாற்றாக
alternatively, you may telephone us direct
as another option or possibility.
translation of 'alternatively'
He would reimburse them for the test, provided he was also sent the result or 'alternatively' he would carry out a re-immunisation free of charge.
'alternatively', you may telephone us direct if you wish
Get real, I say, and properly punish these people or 'alternatively' disqualify them from driving if they can't pay.
All of these cost the NHS money, and could be avoided, or, 'alternatively' , could be covered by insurance.
He 'alternatively' encourages residents with any concerns to speak to the Ilkley parish councillor who represents their part of the parish.
We would then be in a position to put buyers and sellers together or, 'alternatively' , arrange periodic video sales.
If they do overlap, they will not know which one to choose and so will arbitrarily select one or the other or 'alternatively' may tick both answers.
Your working day may not feel like such a slog if you don't hate your job, or 'alternatively' you may find two enjoyable part-time gigs will fit the bill.
The Parliament may, 'alternatively' , within three months propose amendments by an absolute majority of its component members.
You could think of it as techno that would like to be a bit hipper, or 'alternatively' house music that would like to be taken a bit more seriously; either way, it can only be a good thing.
In fact, they are scheming and cheating to get through it, or 'alternatively' , are depressed and dissatisfied.
They will have bought the land, or 'alternatively' a builder may well cover the cost of land purchase in his quote for building the property.
They present philosophy as the practice of visiting a museum of ideas and feeling a sense of awe, or 'alternatively' using philosophy as a means of personal therapy.
Please, can you either relax the rules so that we can move stock a little easier or 'alternatively' provide enough staff to cope with the regulations you have imposed.
I'd have to say I was content with the status quo or, 'alternatively' , that I wanted change.
'alternatively', you may telephone us direct
If you win the lottery, try some freshly grated truffle - 'alternatively' , try truffle paste or even a tiny drizzle of truffle oil.
It is not even compulsory to be able to speak English - 'alternatively' , they could demonstrate their aptitude in Welsh or Scottish Gaelic.
I'll try to get a recording of it, and 'alternatively' it is repeated in a podcast for a week, so I'll post up the link of that tomorrow.
He may, 'alternatively' , ask the Criminal Cases Review Committee to refer the case to the Court of Appeal, she said.
Surely it is possible for smokers to visit a cinema or theatre for an hour or two and then light up in an interval in a smoking area or 'alternatively' wait until the end of the performance.
He asked the mayor to consider either running both Crossrail and District Line trains on the same track or 'alternatively' extending the existing line to Kingston.
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