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Projects spanned a range of specialties - dermatology, psychiatry, respiratory medicine, cardiology , and oncology.
the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and abnormalities of the heart.
Five students had experience in 'cardiology' or intensive care.
Cardiac electrophysiology is now an established specialty within 'cardiology' .
The medical sciences were well developed, with particular success in 'cardiology' , oncology, and laser surgery.
Projects spanned a range of specialties - dermatology, psychiatry, respiratory medicine, 'cardiology' , and oncology.
After this she was not strong enough to work in interventional cardiology and devoted herself to clinical and diagnostic 'cardiology' .
Yearly pediatric 'cardiology' follow-up examinations showed no symptoms of heart disease and a normally active child.
Robotics are used in orthopaedics and 'cardiology' .
He was an intensely private man who dedicated his life to the development of the hospital and 'cardiology' in particular.
Often times when you're on a subspecialty service like 'cardiology' or oncology, the intern on overnight is the only doctor on the floor.
Participants were identified and recruited from outpatient clinics in 'cardiology' and care of the elderly and from hospital wards.
He became a senior registrar in 'cardiology' at St Mary's Hospital, London, at the relatively young age of 30.
The clinician programme on offer will include 'cardiology' , oncology, neurology, urology and a wide range of other procedures.
Sometimes I'd even start lecturing the new students present about anatomy, histology, 'cardiology' , immunology.
This article describes some of these applications in radiology and 'cardiology' and discusses the potential of microbubbles for therapy.
After 11 years of internal medicine and 'cardiology' , he opted for a career in occupational medicine.
He then joined Groote Schuur Hospital to train in internal medicine and 'cardiology' .
Neurology is like 'cardiology' was 20 years ago in that it is just starting to do more with less, Jacobson explained.
She plans to go to medical school and specialize in either fetal 'cardiology' or pediatric orthopedics.
He established the department of 'cardiology' at Osmania Medical College in 1960, rising to become the college's principal.
The data are collated centrally at the department of medical 'cardiology' , Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
As requested by the referring physician, I made a thorough 'cardiological' examination.
Measuring plasma concentrations of brain natriuretic peptide has been advocated as a screening test that might reduce demands on 'cardiological' services.
Conversely, 'cardiologists' and respiratory physicians will probably ask about smoking status in the vast majority of first consultations.
The financial implications for general practice, drug budgets, pathology laboratories, and secondary sector preventive and classical 'cardiological' services are huge.
Interpretation of electrocardiograms may, therefore, still need referral to a 'cardiologist' for a specialist opinion.
Although specialists in the second category earn double that, it is still less than the earnings of dermatologists, radiologists, and 'cardiologists' .
In this population based study we found no evidence that low social position or South Asian ethnicity was associated with lower use of 'cardiological' investigation or treatment independent of clinical need.
In my experience surgeons, 'cardiologists' , gastroenterologists, and orthopedists are among the best.
One obvious barrier is that healthcare systems are culturally, politically, economically, and socially bound in a way that 'cardiological' interventions are not.
Viewed from the plain speaking world of general practice, 'cardiologists' seem to be rivalling dermatologists in developing an ever changing array of terms for conditions they encounter.
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