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they were fatigued by their journey
cause (someone) to feel tired or exhausted.
he was nearly dead with fatigue
extreme tiredness, typically resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.
a group of soldiers ordered to perform menial, nonmilitary tasks, sometimes as a punishment.
translation of 'fatigue'
So often one hears of driver 'fatigue' being the cause of extremely serious accidents.
Even so, the job saps the vitality, and a referee gets mental 'fatigue' as well as physical.
he was nearly dead with 'fatigue'
This could make the inspiratory muscles vulnerable to the development of muscle 'fatigue' .
Caffeine prevents mental and physical 'fatigue' by blocking receptors that notify the brain of low energy levels.
Energy from the magnet is designed to elongate the atoms in the clubface, deterring metal 'fatigue' and strengthening the face.
There is evidence of significant metal 'fatigue' damage to the rails in the vicinity
It's the sitting-down equivalent of museum/gallery 'fatigue' , that special ailment of travellers everywhere.
For carbon forks in general, there should not be any limited life span, as carbon composites themselves are not subject to 'fatigue' failures as metals are.
Perform each exercise in perfect form with a weight heavy enough to 'fatigue' the muscle in just a few repetitions.
museum 'fatigue'
There are different kinds of 'fatigue' associated with cancer therapies.
But, the pistol is 62 years old, and metal 'fatigue' sets in after a while.
Eventually 'fatigue' overtook my body, and I knew it was time to stop.
Throughout the ordeal, Crystal experienced severe 'fatigue' , nausea and weight loss.
This can cause a person to experience physical 'fatigue' , along with mental fogginess, difficulty in concentrating, and dullness of the mind.
The symptoms of this illness were excessive physical 'fatigue' , inability to concentrate, and an unwillingness to eat or drink.
The spar had actually twisted as a result of metal 'fatigue' and failure.
Always use enough weight to 'fatigue' your muscles by the final rep of each set.
Investigators said the 'fatigue' cracks on the planes that crashed were confined to the wing structures.
Engineers have also been looking at the threat of lightning, metal 'fatigue' and noise.
Glutamine helps to prevent muscle 'fatigue' , thus allowing you to rip out more reps.
Do these exercises at the end of your regular strength-training workout because you will fully 'fatigue' your abs performing these exercises.
metal 'fatigue'
Increased muscle creatine also buffers the lactic acid produced during exercise, delaying muscle 'fatigue' and soreness.
A 75-year-old man was evaluated for unexplained chronic 'fatigue' , lethargy, and weight loss.
The sensations of dyspnea and muscle 'fatigue' were measured at rest and immediately after exercise on a 10-cm visual analog scale.
Just make sure you use weights that are heavy enough to 'fatigue' your muscles after eight to 12 repetitions.
My only concern is that you find the ideal weight/rep combination that allows you to optimally 'fatigue' the target muscle in the shortest time.
Resistance to 'fatigue' of this muscle group was also enhanced.
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