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Gerry is survived by his brothers, sister, nieces , nephews and other relatives.
a daughter of one's brother or sister, or of one's brother-in-law or sister-in-law.
translation of 'niece'
சகோதரன் மகள் (அ) சகோதரி மகள்
தங்கை மகள்,
தம்பி மகள்
my 'niece'
However, she was well meaning and kind and brought up her 'niece' as a second daughter.
As well as her parents and sister, she leaves a 'niece' Kim and nephew Josh.
My brother bought a kite for my 'niece' and nephew and they joined in the fun.
She is survived by her brothers, sisters, nephews, 'nieces' and other relatives.
She was like a loving sister to many and a fantastic auntie to all her 'nieces' and nephews.
An only son, Hernandez helped take care of his mother, two sisters and two 'nieces' .
That is now, in turn, being taught to his own three sons, nephews and 'nieces' .
There are two brothers and their wives and seven 'nieces' and nephews who will inherit everything.
Gerry is survived by his brothers, sister, 'nieces' , nephews and other relatives.
Some of my family - my sisters, my 'nieces' - haven't left their houses in the last four or five months.
The same level applies to other close family relations, such as brothers and sisters, 'nieces' and nephews.
Do uncles have special bonds with their 'nieces' , which aunts have with their nephews?
I don't want my cousins, 'nieces' and nephews are my daughter to idolise thugs.
He said he planned to share the money out with his nephews, 'nieces' , grandnieces and his immediate family.
Assembled were two of his brothers (we missed the third), two sons, five 'nieces' and a nephew.
My mother, 'nieces' , sister and sister in laws, gave me curious glances as I stood.
When one of our children, 'nieces' or nephews or close friend is killed or maimed by a drunk driver it will be too late.
Yesterday's journey south to visit my sister and 'nieces' was an eventful one to say the least.
She is sadly mourned by 'nieces' , nephews, many relatives and a wide circle of friends.
We got the bus back to Folkestone, and then caught another one to Cheriton to visit my Brother and my little 'nieces' .
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