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Two highly contagious enteroviruses are known to cause epidemics and pandemics of acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis.
an outbreak of a pandemic disease.
Most topical is the risk of pandemic influenza, which seems to be the highest in three decades.
(of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.
translation of 'pandemic '
(நோய்களைப் பொருத்த வரையில்) பெரும் பரவலாக இருக்கிற
Scotland will be hit by a deadly strain of the bird flu virus within three weeks of a 'pandemic' starting in Asia, Scotland's top doctor has warned.
It is a remarkable achievement which increases Britain's ability to cope with 'pandemic' flu, should it happen.
It depends on what percentage of the population gets a 'pandemic' flu strain.
Companies should prepare for a 'pandemic' flu the way they would for a blizzard.
Sars has revealed much about the way a 'pandemic' illness can affect modern society - with massive consequences.
Mr Abbott today announced that the government would speed up funding for research into 'pandemic' influenza.
Even if nations vaccinate their entire populations, they will not remain immune to the 'pandemic' shock.
flu 'pandemic'
Imagine if you will you were a government which was aware of a global 'pandemic' flu in the offing.
Is the Canadian plan to deal with the bird flu 'pandemic' similar to that outlined by the president today?
There is, however, going to be another influenza 'pandemic' some time soon.
Film has become a 'pandemic' obsession throughout our culture and even throughout the world.
The factors involved in the genesis of each 'pandemic' virus are probably different.
Last year, following a simulated exercise, the Ministry of Health developed a national 'pandemic' plan.
They appear to have reached 'pandemic' status within urban areas and a cull is long overdue.
The Department of Health will also announce its revised 'pandemic' flu contingency plan this week.
In the case of the avian flu 'pandemic' threat, millions of lives are potentially at stake.
It is to be hoped that they are available before the next 'pandemic' strikes.
It will say that if a widely anticipated European flu 'pandemic' hits, unhygienic doctors will contribute to the spread of the virus.
The effectiveness of antivirals in the treatment of 'pandemic' influenza is unclear.
Since the start of the 'pandemic' two decades ago, 17 million Africans have died of it.
But 'pandemic' influenza, appearing every few decades, has much more devastating consequences.
The idea that this flu could reach 'pandemic' proportions is a chilling thought.
Most topical is the risk of 'pandemic' influenza, which seems to be the highest in three decades.
History has shown that 'pandemic' strains of influenza viruses emerge as reassortants of human and avian viruses.
The arrival of a 'pandemic' influenza would trigger a reaction that would change the world overnight.
This argues for the need to look at other ways to respond to a new flu strain which has 'pandemic' potential.
So why have British health authorities decided to launch a 'pandemic' flu panic in Britain?
It is not our principles that have spawned 'pandemic' hatred of America in the Islamic world.
Don't expect to be able to buy most of these things when the 'pandemic' starts.
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