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the decision provoked a storm of protest from civil rights organizations
stimulate or give rise to (a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome one) in someone.
translation of 'provoke'
She is also comfortable following a traditional line with novels that do not seek to challenge or 'provoke' the reader.
It is therefore forbidden to 'provoke' a person, thereby causing him to sin in anger, even though it is not certain that he will do so.
The anger lasted for a long time, trying to 'provoke' her into saying things she would regret.
So we don't want to do anything to 'provoke' him or to incite the violence we're trying to prevent.
There are times when you have to 'provoke' people, challenge them to go further.
They wanted to see if they could 'provoke' a strong reaction from me.
In his debut novel he sets out to 'provoke' strong reactions and, given his subject matter, doubtless he will succeed.
Men of all ages simply kept their distance, though sometimes every now and then one would come and try to anger and 'provoke' her.
Rather, they make her work harder to achieve it and they also 'provoke' her to motivate other associates for the cause.
a teacher can 'provoke' you into working harder
We managed to 'provoke' him to get up once, when he challenged Opposition members to substantiate their arguments.
It is in the film to horrify and 'provoke' an emotional reaction.
Secondly, we need a leader of charisma to badger and 'provoke' his colleagues into action.
a teacher can 'provoke' you into working harder
I couldn't see why anyone would wish to 'provoke' me to the point of anger over not having a significant other.
I had opened the cap of a mineral water bottle while travelling in a train when a person seated opposite me asked 'provokingly' : ‘How do you know the bottled water is pure?’
The implementation of very strong environmental protection legislation in the USA 'provoked' a strong backlash.
Mike's rowdiness, his 'provoking' his father to anger, was not the cause of his father's death, absolutely not.
At one point, Kirie asks her father about his conversation with the aforementioned spiral fetishist, 'provoking' him to indignantly accuse her of eavesdropping.
The variability of the margin of appreciation has sometimes 'provoked' strong reactions from judges frustrated by its imprecision.
Nathan was looking at her with a wild expression, the kind he got whenever she had deliberately 'provoked' him.
He could see tears in her eyes, and it made him angry that Jeff was 'provoking' her.
As the family enacts various events or uses role play, the therapist may ask questions, direct interactions, or make comments, acting as a reporter, involved audience 'provoker' , or director.
The exhibit by internationally-renowned artist Jannis Kounellis has succeeded in 'provoking' strong reactions
From a design point of view, something about their absolutely neutral formal character 'provokes' strong reactions.
The power of his language is illustrated through performance, 'provoking' the audience to re-assess Shakespeare and his plays.
The police car backed off for safety reasons and to avoid 'provoking' the truck's driver, RCMP said in a news release.
The Sri Lankan army, which has inflicted widespread damage and constantly harasses local residents, recently killed several local youth, 'provoking' angry protests.
The plight of Dr Saleh, an Iraqi Kurd, was first published in the Yorkshire Post more than a year ago, 'provoking' residents in Keighley to write to their MP Ann Cryer.
Many blame him for 'provoking' conservative voters and contributing to John Kerry's defeat in the presidential election.
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