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rainwater is a very weak acid
a chemical substance that neutralizes alkalis, dissolves some metals, and turns litmus red; typically, a corrosive or sour-tasting liquid of this kind.
They would like to use their carborane acids to bind protons to atoms of the inert gas xenon.
a molecule or other entity that can donate a proton or accept an electron pair in reactions.
poor, acid soils
containing acid or having the properties of an acid; in particular, having a pH of less than 7.
acid fruit
sharp-tasting or sour.
translation of 'acid'
Her tone lacked its previous 'acid' ; she almost sounded sincere.
He has become more prominent since Henry took over in November 1999 and adds the sugar to the coach's 'acid' remarks when things are not going well.
This may enhance pleasant tastes and decrease salty, bitter, or 'acid' tastes.
Dark green, ocean blue, metallic greys and whites, black and vibrant flashes of cobalt blue and 'acid' yellow are the season's colours.
He makes some quite 'acid' comments about the seventies mystical counterculture which make for very amusing reading now.
One final matter is worth mentioning, and this is the 'acid' comments about folklore and folklorists in Alice's diaries.
‘Please leave, I do not wish to speak to you,’ she said in quietly 'acid' tones that immediately raised his concern.
'acid' soil
It is medium bodied with surprisingly strong flavors, a crisp 'acid' balance and a slightly bitter finish.
lactic 'acid'
From the cool modernity of the main space, the bedrooms and bathroom offer a contradictory riot of colour, walls varying from 'acid' green to purple throughout the five bedrooms and bathrooms.
She is dressed in a body-hugging, full-length stripper gown and armed with an 'acid' retort for every smart-aleck remark.
The entrance is enhanced by plants such as ready grown, trees, magnolias and other plants suited to the 'acid' soil of the area with ready grown creepers lining the pillars.
The sky was a dark grey colour, occasionally coloured with deep red and 'acid' green.
I see all these colours against a background of 'acid' yellow, with a touch of green for envy, malice and general discontent.
Anita Dongre presented her pastel collection of chikan work for the Spring-Summer 2001 season in pastel shades of pink, 'acid' green and turquoise blue.
Luigi Dallapiccola's 'acid' remark about Vivaldi, often repeated, is misleading.
These extra 'acid' molecules are thought to make polyanaline dissolve in water because they are available to interact with water molecules in the liquid the plastic is bathed in.
Azaleas and rhododendrons must have an 'acid' soil.
Kochian's lab is also working on finding ways to grow crops on marginal lands such as 'acid' soils, where toxic levels of aluminum limit crop production.
The tonal approach of Twin Garden is based on a range of greens from forest to 'acid' backed up by a similar variety of pinks and purples.
Preziosa has small mophead flowers that are usually a mix of pink, white and red that never get very blue even on 'acid' soils and that turn crimson in autumn.
They need well-drained 'acid' soil and sun or partial shade and are best pruned in March.
The intention here is surely to eliminate ‘producer opera’, about which Sharpe makes some 'acid' remarks.
Carrot plants do not grow well in strongly 'acid' soils; therefore, a pH range of 6.0 to 6.8 should be maintained for best results.
These same sensors also prevent further stomach contents from entering the duodenum until the stomach 'acid' is neutralized and diluted.
My designs are usually quite dark, but this time the palette has 'acid' greens and pinks.
That heroin and 'acid' were and are illegal didn't seem to stop him.
Sometimes he brings his wife, to swap 'acid' comments with the bartender.
It used to be that, if you had a very 'acid' soil, the hydrangeas would be bluer; more alkaline soil, your hydrangeas would be pinker.
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