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this office is perfectly adequate for my needs
satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity.
translation of 'adequate'
Students heading off to university are being urged to check they have 'adequate' insurance.
The band simply didn't have the time or resources to find an 'adequate' replacement for Frank.
We concentrated on the failure of the trust to give the school fair treatment and 'adequate' support.
The strike date is set for later this month to allow 'adequate' time for negotiations early in the New Year.
In some cases this is 'adequate' , but in others it may be far from acceptable image quality.
The main drain isn't 'adequate' to take away waste water from the fishmongers' kiosks.
The wine list is 'adequate' , but it is probably best to avoid those from the castle's own vineyard.
Allocation of 'adequate' resources for research in these fields is highly desirable.
The argument was that the Judge had not given 'adequate' reasons for his adverse findings.
If you only go abroad once a year then a single-trip policy should be 'adequate' .
These boys are not brought up with an 'adequate' amount of respect for the opposite sex.
Many villagers had also felt that the proposal did not offer 'adequate' parking.
There were two car-parking spots for each dwelling and he thought access was 'adequate' .
The infrastructure is not 'adequate' to take the amount of traffic there is now.
It also requires there to be 'adequate' legroom for workers to work comfortably.
They point to figures that show current oil supplies are more than 'adequate' to satisfy demand.
Have you got 'adequate' measures in place for you and your employees to deal with the heat?
They should supply us with 'adequate' refuse and recycling units, then many would recycle.
To build up a fund large enough to buy an 'adequate' pension, it is important to start saving as soon as possible.
He does not consider this to be an 'adequate' reason for not claiming asylum on arrival at the airport.
Meanwhile the federal parliament has announced an inquiry into the 'adequacy' of rural and regional air services.
I can dine quite 'adequately' with no more than two plates and a knife and fork.
Thanks to the dairy farming he has been able to provide for this family fairly 'adequately' .
The review will look into the 'adequacy' of current arrangements and codes of practice.
The question is whether or not such leaders 'adequately' represent the will of the people.
This goes to the question of the 'adequacy' of the interpreting services.
Our youngsters seem to cope quite 'adequately' not giving two hoots about an apostrophe.
The extent to which other factors, such as experience or training, affect reading 'adequacy' is also helpful.
The question I have to decide is whether this is an 'adequately' reasoned decision.
Taken together, these findings suggest both the 'adequacy' and utility of our measure.
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