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Does the government see adolescents and youth as a cohesive group that needs separate attention?
an adolescent boy or girl.
Pregnancy and child bearing occur before adolescent girls are fully developed, exposing them to great health risks.
(of a young person) in the process of developing from a child into an adult.
translation of 'adolescent'
Creating a show specifically for teenagers, Irvine and Mcleary decided to capitalise on the 'adolescent' obsession with the gothic.
However the first movie was 'adolescent' nonsense, lacking in both characterisation and narrative.
The people who are at risk for inadequate iron would be young infants, 'adolescent' girls, and women of childbearing age.
Indeed, the early autonomy for the young child of divorce may preclude 'adolescent' individuation.
Consequently, it is easy to forget the 'adolescent' emotional turmoil that embroils the youngest ones.
Do tapered jeans, legwarmers, unicorns and green mascara remind you of your 'adolescent' years?
Screening to detect problem drinking is recommended in all adult and 'adolescent' patients.
You can feel that special, 'adolescent' magnetism that comes from two alienated teenagers.
The nubile young lead, Adela, is played with convincing 'adolescent' frustration by Isabel Claffey in her Abbey debut.
Many people worldwide, usually 'adolescent' boys, have had their lives completely taken over by computer games.
Dietary supplement use is a well-documented practice among adult and 'adolescent' athletes.
And it is a traditional coming-of-age story, the struggle of an 'adolescent' girl to find her voice.
This is a fun book for adults, and a perfect one for 'adolescent' girls.
Thanks to the flashbulbs of photographers and the screaming of 'adolescent' girls, the atmosphere was more like a pop concert than a sporting event.
To do this they must take into account the characteristics of 'adolescent' behaviour.
They speak in an almost matter-of-fact way, recounting the catalogue of bad behaviour that has characterised the 'adolescent' years for Alan.
O'Connell has created a tale that appeals to many 'adolescent' girls.
Almost right away, as the 'adolescent' pair sat down, a tall and skinny teenage waitress was there to take their order.
The 'adolescent' and teenage birth rate has fallen by nearly half since 1992.
My daughter lives in Maine, and she runs a wilderness program for 'adolescent' girls in trouble.
Both parents help feed the young during the long 'adolescent' period.
Last year an American study found that 97 per cent of 'adolescent' girls believe that women should be paid equally.
Soon, he could hear 'adolescent' voices: most likely two younger guys and two girls.
In pygmies, this 'adolescent' growth spurt does not occur, hence their characteristic short stature.
Aside from the teenage pregnancy strategy, few public health initiatives focus on 'adolescent' health.
Both young women are experiencing 'adolescent' discontents at the beginning of the ballet.
For example, the author suggests that an 'adolescent' girl's self esteem is an internal biological process.
The young malamute can pass through an 'adolescent' stage where it attempts to assert itself by growling.
He knew of an 'adolescent' girl who had been brought on three weekends to the hospital in Tullamore by gardaí who had found her wandering aimlessly.
Theories about the emotional and moral development of 'adolescent' girls are then presented.
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