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he was sorry in after years
the after cabin
nearer the stern.
shortly after Christmas
during the period of time following (an event).
she went out, shutting the door after her
translation of 'after'
'after' the war
'after' the autumn
Workers' and consumers' health comes 'after' exporters' wealth.
Then, he was not declared winner until days 'after' the event due to a timing error.
they named the baby 'after' his grandfather
the year 'after'
Then turning and smiling through her tears she called 'after' him.
they shouted 'after' us
As she reached the door, she looked at the man who was still staring 'after' her and gave a small wave.
As he practically ran out of the barn leading the horse behind him, all I could do was stand and stare 'after' him.
One of the robbers chased 'after' him and as they struggled, a firearm was fired again.
At the end of the interview he accompanies me to the lift instead of slamming the door 'after' me.
Week 'after' week he painstakingly helped them work through problems his brightest students would grasp in an instant.
Their other brother came soon 'after' and now the three of them share a flat in Sofia.
'after' a mile, turn east
The old ones include the Davy Tower, named 'after' John Davy who lived there in the 1420s.
On the town gate in the tapestry, a man stands defiantly staring 'after' the cart.
Lara listened and then she asked 'after' her elder daughter.
The audiotapes will be released shortly 'after' the conclusion of each of the arguments.
When the people in the streets chased 'after' the thief, each person knew that others would join in.
Just because the show is named 'after' him is no reason to keep him around.
rugby comes 'after' football for me
We are not, as we are classified by many in the media, a compensation culture, 'after' money.
She finally chased 'after' one bus for about a mile-and-a-half until it stopped.
After all, people with money and status employ other people to clean up 'after' them.
the police were 'after' her
She said if the proposed street was to be named 'after' a person it would have to be approved at an Area Committee meeting.
On the down side I have so little time to really dig into my chosen hobby since it has to come 'after' career, marriage and being a father.
This was the first intimation of his "Human Comedy," which was so daringly undertaken and so nearly completed in his 'after' years.
He insisted that his presence there should remain secret even 'after' his departure.
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