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the butterflies aggregate in dense groups
form or group into a class or cluster.
the council was an aggregate of three regional assemblies
a whole formed by combining several (typically disparate) elements.
Soil particles are bound together into aggregates and these influence the precise pore structure of the soil.
a material or structure formed from a loosely compacted mass of fragments or particles.
the aggregate amount of grants made
formed or calculated by the combination of many separate units or items; total.
translation of 'aggregate'
The payment period is for 25 years, or when the 'aggregate' amount has been collected, whichever comes first.
After beating the Swedes 4-0 on 'aggregate' , the team is now mixing with the powerhouse clubs in what looks like the strongest field ever assembled.
The funding was a result of a Government tax levied on every tonne of stone 'aggregate' extracted from quarrying.
Their parting present to SE was to increase the 'aggregate' amount which it could legally have outstanding from £2bn to £3bn.
According to Brownlee, the loose 'aggregate' of particles seen on comets may represent the first generation of solids in the solar system.
The win, their eighth in 10 matches this month, was worth three points as they tacked on the bonus for winning on 'aggregate' over the home and away fixtures.
The burton and Milnthorpe clubs are separated only by the 'aggregate' on completion of the first half of the season in the South Lakeland Rural League.
Of course this is not all bad; among other things, it will greatly increase variety, the 'aggregate' amount of information, and the entertainment value of actual choices.
Registering trustees are required to report the 'aggregate' amount of funds under supervision and the names of the trusts.
In fact, you do not find any ‘self,’ and so you come to know that neither the whole 'aggregate' of form nor any part of it is the self.
It was extra time and 2-2 on 'aggregate' when they flashed a footballing épée, scored twice without making a sound and left Tony Adams and Co dazed and confused.
Concrete marble 'aggregate' is one of its key components with 57 white columns, each weighing 29 tonnes, forming the structure of the building.
Interestingly, despite their team being 6-1 down on 'aggregate' , Bayer Leverkusen's fans have not stopped singing and chanting since the match began.
They beat a Lions side which barely put up a fight; this is the weakest Australian side for many years; and a Springboks side still in transition came very close indeed to beating them in New Zealand and won the two games on 'aggregate' .
A culture is in reality an 'aggregate' of individuals, not an abstract whole to be subdivided into groups, and Eliot was one hell of an individual.
What we have mostly, to this day, are single-market analyses, or 'aggregate' models of the entire economy, such as the monetary models used today
From the 'aggregate' data, we calculated the overall rates of frequencies of patient identification and vital sign monitoring.
Pots were filled with building 'aggregate' (referred to as ‘sand’) by hand and stones over about 1 cm in length were removed during pot filling.
The 'aggregate' amount of these claims, calculated as at July 31, 1992 was approximately $5,165,000.
Brits also appear to have an long term fascination with types of paving surfaces, so you could find yourself tripping on stone, brick, 'aggregate' , concrete, rock or blocks.
Aggregates are concrete and other materials sorted, crushed and mixed so as to form mixed 'aggregate' in pieces of 70 mm, or less, in diameter.
This 'aggregate' amount represents an increase of 25 per cent in Commonwealth Government funding to those three categories of schools.
Some chromosomal variation is evident in the New Zealand members of the K. ericoides complex, which helps to support the recognition of additional taxa within this 'aggregate' species.
Britain used to have a healthy stable of big concrete, 'aggregate' and cement groups, from Blue Circle to Tarmac and RMC.
But recovered concrete can be crushed and used as road gravel or 'aggregate' .
Stone tile, a relatively affordable alternative to stone, is made from real stone 'aggregate' suspended in a polymer binder.
For this reason, other economists, such as the authors of the UN Human Development Report, routinely exclude China from 'aggregate' data covering developing nations.
The goal of analyzing and interpreting data is to reduce the enormous amount of raw data that have been collected to a manageable 'aggregate' .
A contract to rebuild a stretch of the A5087 on Rampside Road in Barrow is a pilot scheme in which recycled glass is mixed in with the stone 'aggregate' normally used in the lower layers of the road.
Indeed, the cynical may argue that in winning each of their last four games by less than a single score and an 'aggregate' of a mere 14 points, Wharfedale are struggling at the top!
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