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Success in obtaining the required output of food from agriculture depends on soil fertility.
the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.
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The protection of domestic 'agriculture' must be recognised as a food security imperative.
They have opened the way to a new phase in the history of 'agriculture' , animal breeding and husbandry.
So bread came before agriculture and 'agriculture' came before culture and civilisation.
If the plants perform as well as hoped, it could dramatically change 'agriculture' .
In recent years, the use of pesticides in 'agriculture' has been increasing steadily.
The productivity of the eastern system of 'agriculture' declined in the seventeenth century.
Soil salinity poses serious limitations to 'agriculture' in many areas around the world.
Mr Egan was on the cusp of a career in which he promised to be devoted to farming and 'agriculture' .
Hedgerows and indigenous species of plants lost though 'agriculture' would be brought back.
Aside from some cultivation of sugar cane and cotton, there is little 'agriculture' .
Applicants must come from farm families and plan to pursue a career in the field of 'agriculture' .
All are based on the food and 'agriculture' industries both vital to the Irish economy.
We've got to make a commitment to try to improve the lives of animals used on farms and in 'agriculture' .
The main form of 'agriculture' was pastoral with cattle and sheep being grazed on unenclosed lands.
In reality, they were vast slum areas without industry or fertile soil for 'agriculture' .
Their decision to leave dairying comes as their two sons pursue careers outside 'agriculture' .
How did English 'agriculture' manage to raise labour productivity to such high levels?
Essentially this ditches almost all animal 'agriculture' except for beef and dairy products.
Modern 'agriculture' is justified on the grounds that it produces more on less land.
Success in obtaining the required output of food from 'agriculture' depends on soil fertility.
It should have major appeal to practicing 'agriculturists' , agricultural advisors, land managers and students of agricultural science, especially upperclassmen.
Such applied animal behavior research, though fairly new to U.S. 'agriculturists' , is shedding light on other aspects of cattle behavior, too.
It behooves all educators with a vested interest in agriculture to continue inspiring, motivating, and ‘teaching’ the next generation of 'agriculturists' nationwide.
Around the middle of the eighteenth century, the breeding of livestock was dramatically changed by Robert Bakewell, an English 'agriculturist' .
At North Dakota, as at Minnesota, he was the first professor of agriculture and 'agriculturist' for the agricultural experiment station.
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