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Launched with this jumbo team aboard for a test flight, the aircraft failed to gain height.
an airplane, helicopter, or other machine capable of flight.
translation of 'aircraft'
Launched with this jumbo team aboard for a test flight, the 'aircraft' failed to gain height.
The nose of the aircraft went under the wing of the 'aircraft' on the adjacent stand.
We also had to shout a lot because of the Heathrow 'aircraft' constantly flying overhead.
The purpose of going to the airfield can only have been to fly in the 'aircraft' .
New Zealand has issued warnings to ships and 'aircraft' likely to be in the area.
It is thought the seat of the fire was in the landing gear under the 'aircraft' 's main fuselage.
He said it would be up to the Air Force how the 'aircraft' was used with its new colours.
A sudden decrease in head wind or increase in tail wind can cause an 'aircraft' to stall.
An 'aircraft' would only have to head for the nearest flying or gliding club of which there are six in this area.
People wanting to catch a glimpse of the 'aircraft' were also asked not to park at the airport.
The light 'aircraft' is capable of carrying four people but yesterday had only two on board.
He had to be certain that the 'aircraft' was airworthy before setting off over the jungles of Burma.
The pilot had bought the 'aircraft' in kit form and spent five months constructing it.
Crowds regularly flocked to the base to see the 'aircraft' take off on one of its many test flights.
Only the security levy and landing fees for smaller 'aircraft' at peak times have increased.
He was taken off the 'aircraft' by Malta police after it had safely taxied to a stand at the airport.
To do that you'll need to take a short scheduled flight on a light 'aircraft' from Provo.
He had jumped out of a light 'aircraft' while unwittingly wearing a sabotaged parachute.
There is never a shortage of things to do as we work on almost all areas of the 'aircraft' .
He pushed the throttle all the way open and turned the 'aircraft' in the direction of the smoke.
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