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have another drink
used to refer to an additional person or thing of the same type as one already mentioned or known about; one more; a further.
come back another day
used to refer to a different person or thing from one already mentioned or known about.
translation of 'another'
He said he hoped to spend the night with his daughter before seeking 'another' home this morning.
boys went to one school, and girls to 'another'
moving from one place to 'another'
it's time you found 'another' slave
They talked for an hour or two before Kieran asked her if she had ever kissed 'another' girl before.
It is one thing to read of life on board his ship; it is quite 'another' to live it.
He is keen to stay and it is understood that he has already agreed terms for 'another' two years.
I passed yet 'another' of their shops
I don't want to spend 'another' three hours here
I don't want to hear 'another' word from anybody who thinks the way we live now is acceptable.
There may be 'another' person who has taken over, who is different but you don't know them.
If such a deal is not achieved, Cancun could become 'another' Seattle.
This concern is illustrated by 'another' of his habitual metaphors, that of war as a game.
There was no actual finding one way or 'another' of fraud, wilful default or neglect.
one man talked to me while 'another' picked my pocket
The rain is lashing down, but if she does not go for a run, she will not have 'another' chance this morning.
I take 'another' drink but it makes me slightly dizzy, forcing me to retire to my bedroom.
We always got it right for the indoors but for one reason or 'another' it never quite worked outdoors.
it is one thing to formulate policies and quite 'another' to implement them
I went in on the off chance and discovered 'another' of the harder to get Islay malts.
Perhaps they can stage 'another' celebrity boxing match between the two of them.
I didn't say 'another' word
For the week of the exams, we would have a test in the morning and 'another' in the afternoon.
this will not be 'another' Vietnam
Yet the protests that have erupted over the last few weeks show 'another' outcome is possible.
his wife left him for 'another' man
It was followed by one of him with Nora, then one of him with Emy, and 'another' of him and baby Gail.
she was to become 'another' of his stars
Terri was 'another' of the girls who used to hang round the memorial on a Saturday afternoon.
At least a point was gained from this game but on 'another' day it could quite easily have been a nil return.
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