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the road plans have been given approval
the action of officially agreeing to something or accepting something as satisfactory.
stamps sent by request to a collector or potential customer.
translation of 'approval'
we need the 'approval' of the government
Always craving affection and 'approval' , she had many protector figures in her life.
It is a surprise to find you quoting him with 'approval' so early in the book.
Neither suggestion met with 'approval' so I repaired to the kitchen to make coffee.
he's always looking for 'approval'
This initiative has no doubt been met with 'approval' by many involved in education.
A gift more precious than any other, he had given her his love and 'approval' .
with the 'approval' of the board
The plans and business case are being sent to the regional health authority for 'approval' .
When it is a case of majority assent or 'approval' , issues arise as to the effect on the minority.
These relate to standards of claims handling and securing 'approval' from the Authority.
As I say, it was cited with 'approval' in one of the cases which I referred to a moment ago.
The idea met with 'approval' from religious as well as tourist and cultural groups.
There can be no greater validation for a movie, than receiving a nod of 'approval' from the man who inspired it.
he gave me a nod of 'approval'
I would hope that the west London lines would meet with 'approval' and link up to Heathrow and Gatwick.
The council will now need 'approval' from them to enter into a five-year management agreement.
Most companies do this after gaining 'approval' from their shareholders at an annual meeting.
Every one of them is constantly invaded in the public interest with universal 'approval' .
If she were only his sister, I would say she was giving us permission and 'approval' to court.
the road plans have been given 'approval'
He believes the drive for 'approval' motivates both spheres of life for ambitious men.
Edward and his father nodded with 'approval' at me, then I was told to give some money.
The decision to increase the discount has met with 'approval' from the livestock sector.
The liquidators consulted the liquidation committee and obtained its 'approval' .
step-parents need to win a child's 'approval'
the road schemes have been given 'approval'
'approval' process
step-parents need to win a child's 'approval'
we all need 'approval'
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