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the knowledge armored him against her
provide (someone) with emotional, social, or other defenses.
knights in armor
the metal coverings formerly worn by soldiers or warriors to protect the body in battle.
translation of 'armor'
As Orestes and the Furies confront each other, Athena arrives at the temple dressed in full battle 'armor' .
In battle, the artillery's role is to provide fire support for the infantry, cavalry, 'armor' and other units.
The knights gathered their 'armor' and readied themselves for battle.
Separating attacking infantry from their supporting 'armor' would also be a logical approach.
As a result of this 'armor' , the longnose gar has no major predators.
Syrian's armored forces moved on the Golan Plateau to be met by Israeli 'armor' and mechanized infantry brigades.
In many systems skeletal 'armor' has been correlated with the level or type of predation pressure in the environment.
In it, I saw myself dressed in chain mail 'armor' , riding into battle.
The armor appeared to be very similar to a normal suit of knight's 'armor' , only thicker and taller.
the contingent includes infantry, 'armor', and logistic units
knights in 'armor'
Notice that each of the two body sections is expanded outward, providing a protective 'armor' which shields the legs and gills.
The Ijuin fuze allowed the shell to explode on impact rather than after it had penetrated the 'armor' of enemy ships.
Most dinoflagellates are encased in plates of 'armor' .
An 'armor' or infantry task force traditionally performs these roles with engineers attached as the reduction element.
Getting hurt no longer seemed inevitable, and my emotional 'armor' began to come off.
His psychological 'armor' will make him seem more self-sufficient and stronger than the people he will meet in Newfoundland.
I wasn't so interested in Tracy herself; my main thought was what happened behind the shield of social 'armor' .
The pirarucu's sheer size and bony 'armor' provide defenses against predators.
The man who dragged her from the house wore the shining, metal 'armor' of a knight.
The oddly jointed pectoral fin 'armor' is a memorable feature of the placoderms, especially Antiarchs.
a suit of 'armor'
his 'armor' of self-confidence
Clad in a suit of white 'armor' and flying her own standard she liberated France from the English at the battle of Orleans.
The shell is considered the most highly developed protective 'armor' of any vertebrate species.
Under the cloaks the priests were clad in heavy battle 'armor' .
While you think wearing a suit of emotional 'armor' is safe, it keeps people at a distance.
There were four warriors, in full battle 'armor' , standing at the end of the hallway.
The trilobite eye is in continuity with the rest of its shelly 'armor' .
Lobsters, like all animals with exoskeletons, periodically shed their 'armor' as they grow.
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