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The extent to which alleles assort randomly on chromosomes depends on the recombination rate, as well as on the demographic history of the species and on the selective pressures exercised on the genomic region.
(of genes or characters) become distributed among cells or progeny.
he would assort it with the fabulous dogs as a monstrous invention
place in a group; classify.
bowls in assorted colors
of various sorts put together; miscellaneous.
translation of 'assorted'
I remarked at how it split the light into a dancing rainbow of 'assorted' candy colours onto the table in front of us.
It brings together an 'assorted' group of international curators from three continents - Asia, Europe and North America.
I have spoken to about a million retailers, who only sell them in packs of 'assorted' colours and don't want to have to sit down and pick out all the purple ones.
These are available on sale in dazzling colours and 'assorted' patterns.
Simply citing the opinions of 'assorted' scientists, even distinguished ones, counts for nothing if their dire predictions are not supported by observed evidence.
You never know just what you will get when you plant dahlia seeds, but this type can be depended on for small flowers in 'assorted' colors on dwarf plants.
The 'assorted' textures, the vibrant colours, and the splendid designs of home furnishings at the store merge to create a unique shopping experience.
The present trend is to have a mix of 'assorted' flowers, preferably to adorn attractive crystal vases of different shapes and sizes.
Rather than gathering kids together to learn 'assorted' computer skills, the current approach is to teach new software and skills when they're needed.
As he ranted on, his own wife kept them supplied with tea and 'assorted' biscuits.
He sorted through the bottles of 'assorted' wines he had on his dresser.
Like most resistance movements it combines a motley range of 'assorted' factions.
However, there are requests for money to meet expenses related to hush money, fees, taxes and 'assorted' payments to sundry individuals.
Chandra sighed and watched as the girls gleefully sorted through the 'assorted' treasures they were unearthing.
She had finished half of her lunch, a sort of curried mushroom dish with soup and 'assorted' fruit on the side.
Mary will have organic eggs, jams and chutneys as well as organic sugar and 'assorted' breads, cakes and biscuits all made with organic flour.
They sent us a multitude of useless video tapes, books and other 'assorted' junk that we did not want.
He'll also give you the main news headlines he picks up from various radio stations and if you feel so inclined, you can read the headlines from any one of the 'assorted' newspapers lying in a pile near his feet.
The main courses with accompaniments included grilled lobster, jumbo prawns, beef wellington, 'assorted' kebabs and vegetables au gratin.
Last year, the unit seized more than 200 illegal guns and more than 3,500 rounds of 'assorted' ammunition, which are in demand in the criminal underworld.
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