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he gave an assurance that work would not recommence until Wednesday
a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise.
she drove with assurance
confidence or certainty in one's own abilities.
translation of 'assurance'
Your poise and deliberateness gives 'assurance' that you know what you are talking about.
The effect of all these events was some sort of feeling of 'assurance' that for whatever reason I was on the path I was supposed to be on.
When I met her she seemed possessed by a new quiet 'assurance' and openness.
I have sought an 'assurance' from the chief executive that all the lessons of this whole sorry procedure will be fully learned and the recommendations will be fully implemented.
Don't we all yearn for 'assurance' that our faith is taking us there?
So billions of dollars are wasted with no 'assurance' that any terrorist will be caught.
he gave an 'assurance' that work would not recommence until Wednesday
The bank is planning to offer a group insurance cover for its depositors and a loan cover term 'assurance' plan for its borrowers.
It is the confident 'assurance' that something we want is going to happen.
I sometimes look with envy on those whose faith brings comfort and 'assurance' .
Just because a dot-com business has a well-known or attractive brand name is no 'assurance' of success.
It is clear from the face of the policy that this was a mortgage protection 'assurance' policy.
He belonged to a unique generation of Irish people whose strength and 'assurance' lay in their ability to think for themselves.
The self-confidence, 'assurance' and poise with which the children tackled each and every one of the 21 songs on the programme was unbelievable.
It is the first of Lean's films to attempt an epic scale with real confidence and 'assurance' .
As far as life insurance is concerned, stick to term 'assurance' for as long as you can.
In our opinion, she was simply seeking to provide support and 'assurance' to her friend Carole, and acted with complete propriety.
If he needs any 'assurance' that Arianne loves him, ask him to talk to me.
He was in determined mood and quickly established dominance of his area, however, despatching Salford shots with a confidence and 'assurance' which belied his inexperience.
The most common form of mortgage protection is decreasing term 'assurance' .
'assurance' of faith depends on our trust in God
Tony met the other man's gaze with an outward display of calm 'assurance' .
These products have no investment component attached to them and therefore work in a similar way to your household insurance or the old fashioned term 'assurance' .
The presence of such technology may provide some 'assurance' to the inspector.
Furthermore one can also consider the fact that lump sum contributions to 'assurance' policies usually attract fewer costs and commissions.
As he felt more confident, he moved with more 'assurance' and whirled Andònië around, making up a few steps of his own when he forgot the real ones.
There is no 'assurance' that the application of the valuation standards will result in a better product for the client.
They include term 'assurance' , critical illness cover, income protection and long-term care.
What is to be put in place as insurance and 'assurance' ?
Even a quick telephone call during a storm can provide much appreciated 'assurance' that help is nearby if needed.
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