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atmospheric conditions such as fog, snow, rain
of or relating to the atmosphere of the earth or (occasionally) another planet.
atmospheric lighting
creating a distinctive mood, typically of romance, mystery, or nostalgia.
translation of 'atmospheric'
Rapid changes in 'atmospheric' circulation cause storms, cold spells, or heat waves that play out over several days.
Oceans are playing a very vital role in maintaining the 'atmospheric' balance of the earth.
Theatre doesn't get more 'atmospheric' than this show, which uses shadows, strobes and fireworks to terrific effect.
Advice is offered on everything from how to understand space to the creation of 'atmospheric' moods.
We cannot tell if global warming is occurring as a result of increased 'atmospheric' carbon dioxide.
It's a very suspenseful and 'atmospheric' score, with lots of depth and surprises.
It's incredibly evocative, 'atmospheric' and mournful yet never depressing.
Peatlands are important ecosystems with regard to 'atmospheric' greenhouse gas composition.
Faye's Fabulous Room, like most gay bars and restaurants, was dark and 'atmospheric' .
Moody, 'atmospheric' guitars create a mood of contemplation without ever going too wildly off the track.
The USA exploded 66 'atmospheric' test weapons on Bikini and Enewetak Islands.
The process of photosynthesis maintains 'atmospheric' supplies of oxygen, essential for animal life on earth.
But we simply do not know how the Earth will respond to increasing 'atmospheric' concentrations of carbon dioxide.
The unusual story and Brunel's 'atmospheric' visuals distinguished the film from most British productions of the time.
The landscape is dark and bleak, with just 'atmospheric' grey sketches of trees or structures.
Lots of lovely thick oil paint smeared in heavy layers onto the canvas creates dark and hugely 'atmospheric' landscapes.
His primary research areas include both 'atmospheric' science and climate research.
Nor does it use 'atmospheric' locations to provide a sense of dread and evil.
The number of days when she could smell an odour would depend on 'atmospheric' conditions and wind direction.
Working from his farmhouse studio at Over Ridge, he creates his 'atmospheric' motoring images using acrylic and pastel.
Why should we contribute to more 'atmospheric' pollution when it is simply not necessary?
But the rotating blades might only be visible in certain 'atmospheric' conditions.
He creates striking 'atmospheric' effects, cleverly using light and shadow.
The film was 'atmospheric' , ghastly, and filled with all kinds of creepy poltergeists.
An event of this kind would create a huge crater, send out shock waves, and create tremendous 'atmospheric' disturbance.
He also says the development would lead to more noise and 'atmospheric' pollution.
Air pressure is an important factor which affects the resulting 'atmospheric' climate conditions.
The early scarcity of dissolved sulfates and 'atmospheric' oxygen has big implications.
As death draws near, evocative, 'atmospheric' images are offered up to the reader.
City buildings suffer excessive weathering because of 'atmospheric' pollution.
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