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tree-lined avenues surround the hotel
a broad road in a town or city, typically having trees at regular intervals along its sides.
three possible avenues of research suggested themselves
a way of approaching a problem or making progress toward something.
translation of 'avenue'
You approach the studios, whose exact location we have been asked not to reveal, along an 'avenue' of cherry trees foaming with blossom.
This family home is approached along a tree-lined 'avenue' which joins the main Waterford to Passage East road.
The pagoda is generally approached from the North side along an extended 'avenue' .
Don't stand outside a window by the Rangers' office on 33rd street and seventh 'avenue' or you might get hit by an overpriced veteran getting thrown out the window.
Set back from the main Tullow / Carlow Road the house is approached along a tree lined 'avenue' .
Third, a final 'avenue' for possible research is to extend the dataset to incorporate stock returns after the March 2000 stock market correction.
The house is approached via a tree-lined 'avenue' and is set back from the main road.
Watson has been growing trees along a two-mile-long 'avenue' in the city for the past 10 years.
She appeared completely relaxed as they walked side by side along an undulating 'avenue' bordered on both sides by old buildings of brick and stone.
Vertical connections and kitchens are located along the noisy 'avenue' side.
It seems that a ha-ha has been banked up to hide the public thoroughfare from which one turns down the private 'avenue' of limes to approach the manor house.
As you go through the entrance you are surrounded by an 'avenue' of golden trees.
The main house is visible down a long 'avenue' of trees from some swims in the lake.
an 'avenue' of limes
The Java Room lay a block down Marion's main street, 7th 'avenue' .
It's at that restaurant down on 38th street and 6th 'avenue' .
Croan House is approached along an 'avenue' lined with lime trees.
My mother had told me that the Number 21 Bus stops on the corner of 23rd Avenue, one 'avenue' away from our house on 23-03 62nd street.
Instead, they created their own 'avenue' towards immortality.
an 'avenue' of limes
The members of the coalition are as diverse as the City they know best, reflecting every 'avenue' of New York City life.
The body was found dumped behind a tree by the side of an 'avenue' which leads to Port House, near the village of Ruan, four miles from Ennis.
After going up several blocks on one avenue to reach a street supposedly open, when you had gone up that street to the next 'avenue' , it was shut.
We are definitely taken for a ride: after driving around three times we are entitled to wonder if we are not on the wrong street / 'avenue' after all.
I looked up at the azure sky through the trees lining each side of the 'avenue' on which we were walking, and it seemed as if we were watching the sky through a wreath.
From today they can ride on the Ben Hall steam engine, lovingly carved out of a tree felled from lime 'avenue' , the approach to the stately home's main gates.
A face-block is both sides of one street or 'avenue' between adjacent city streets.
This handsome Georgian country house is set in delightful mature gardens and grounds in a private location and approached via a lime 'avenue' .
The car park fronting the baroque facade of Wentworth is due to be replaced by authentic sweeping parkland and a lime and oak-lined 'avenue' .
The looting occurred along a broad 'avenue' on the northwestern rim of greater Buenos Aires where unemployment has soared well above the national average.
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