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Robert balled up his napkin and threw it onto his plate
squeeze or form (something) into a rounded shape.
have sexual intercourse with.
a soccer ball
a solid or hollow sphere or ovoid, especially one that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game.
the umpire called it a ball
a pitch delivered outside the strike zone that the batter does not attempt to hit.
used in various derogatory terms as an intensifier.
translation of 'ball'
They also see vast potential in a back who played only one season of college 'ball' .
The 'ball' cannoned off the keeper on to the post before spinning agonisingly over the line.
He fully realizes how rare it is to play high school, college, and pro 'ball' in the same city.
a cricket 'ball'
It's not a developing human being but just a microscopic 'ball' of cells that we can use.
It was the morning of the debutante 'ball' and I was giving Ryan last minute dance lessons.
Whelan sent a long 'ball' to Goddard
In that case, my team prediction is complete 'ball' s.
We're playing street soccer, and the 'ball' is kicked way over the fence onto the road behind the court.
Heather darted for the 'ball' as it came back to her left side and hit it with a backhand.
the fishing nets eventually 'ball' up and sink
She hurriedly retrieved the 'ball' of paper and slowly flattening it out.
Every year pro 'ball' bears less and less resemblance to the game collegians and kids play.
a 'ball' of wool
he crushed the card into a 'ball'
He pounced on a loose 'ball' to and passed to Duff who fed it through to Hasselbaink inside the penalty area.
I could throw a cricket 'ball' a mile, so that's how I got into it at school.
a 'ball' gown
The car looked like a crumpled 'ball' of metal.
a 'ball' gown
It exploded in an orange 'ball' of flame sending sand and metal fragments flying.
he ignored it completely, and the umpire called it a 'ball'
A 'ball' of plutonium is surrounded with explosives, all of which detonate at precisely the same moment and with exactly the same power.
I really thought my days of pro 'ball' would end and I'd be on the first train back East the next morning.
This guy's got 'ball' s coming in here and singing this song.
To the surprise of even his own countrymen, he preferred to play winter 'ball' .
a soccer 'ball'
Whelan sent a long 'ball' to Goddard
Suddenly the boat exploded into a great 'ball' of flame, sending pieces of it skyward.
Jess would rather spend her time kicking a soccer 'ball' round the park with the boys.
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