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Bridget beavered away to keep things running smoothly
work hard.
The Rodentia also includes beavers , muskrats, porcupines, woodchucks, chipmunks, squirrels, prairie dogs, marmots, chinchillas, voles, lemmings, and many others.
a large semiaquatic broad-tailed rodent that is native to North America and northern Eurasia. It is noted for its habit of gnawing through tree trunks to fell the trees in order to feed on the bark and build dams.
The ghost wears the beaver , or visor, of the helmet raised.
the lower part of the face guard of a helmet in a suit of armor. The term is also used to refer to the upper part or visor, or to a single movable guard.
translation of 'beaver'
The 1925 Hudson's Bay Point blanket's short indigo stitch lines, or ‘points,’ indicate how many 'beaver' pelts it once traded for.
Exceptions to this rule are dark sheared faux furs, such as black sheared 'beaver' and longhaired Mongolian lamb; cut these with the pile running upward.
Harvested and driven from its habitat until it disappeared from much of the northeastern U.S., the 'beaver' is now making such a strong comeback that it is becoming a nuisance in some areas.
The biggest difference was that New Netherland and its port town were together principally a trading colony, buying 'beaver' and other fur skins from the Indians to sell at a profit in Europe.
Also on the program that night were the Marshall Dancers from the Lower Yukon, dressed in sumptuous headdresses that were trimmed with wolf and 'beaver' fur.
Her coffin was lovingly wrapped in muskrat, 'beaver' and fox furs and lowered into the ground by her family.
In the slap of waves against the rocky shore one can imagine hearing phantom brigades moving across the lakes, paddling in close line astern, their canoes piled high with 'beaver' pelts destined for Bond Street and the rue de Rivoli.
The bear, wolf, coyote, fisher, wolverine, otter, and lynx prey upon the 'beaver' who is, nevertheless, a powerful antagonist when at bay.
The first exploration of Canada's interior was for the purpose of finding 'beaver' pelts to satisfy the obsession with fur coats by the European elite.
Busy 'beaver' President Clinton has been working hard in his final days.
There were six different furs to choose from including brown and grey Persian lamb, and 'beaver' .
‘I've got a little booklet from there that gives you three different recipes for beavers, and has a picture of a dolly bird draped in 'beaver' furs,’ he added.
long coats trimmed with light 'beaver'
He handed the Huronian Native the promised items and received the soft 'beaver' pelts, placing them with the rest from that day.
From the early French fur traders of the 17th century to the early trading posts established by the Hudson's Bay Company, fur, and more specifically 'beaver' pelts, were a source of income and fortune for early settlers.
These ethnic artefacts use interesting materials such as 'beaver' fur, moose hide and deer toes.
Although the 'beaver' 's industrious habits, wholesome diet, and generally meritorious lifestyle have endeared it to many human beings, the fact remains that beavers are also prized for their flesh, and are eaten.
Sorry there's no proper post from me today as I've been a busy little 'beaver' …
These skins - especially 'beaver' - were quite valuable and used in the Eastern states and in Europe for top hats, coats and other expensive clothing.
There is 'beaver' or printed silver for fur trim used with leather for collars, sleeves and belts.
The ghost wears the 'beaver' , or visor, of the helmet raised.
There was no mention made of the fact that the 'beaver' is a native North American species whereas the cherry trees are exotics, imported from Japan.
I have been a busy little 'beaver' this week in Canberra, oh yes.
This slow-moving creature is Canada's largest rodent next to the 'beaver' .
One of the favorite targets of the trappers in North America was the 'beaver' , the largest of the North American rodents.
But the only sport was to behold him eat; for by reason his helmet was on, and his 'beaver' lifted, he could put nothing into his mouth himself if others did not help him to find the way.
It was once extremely abundant throughout most of the continent but went into decline as early as 1638, mainly because the great insulating qualities of 'beaver' fur made it the best material for hat manufacture.
The greatest reward went to the post master who received one shilling for each score of 'beaver' or an amount of furs of the same value.
Hopkins was a regular 'beaver' where gardening was concerned
Defence chiefs decided to stop making the busbies worn by the King's Troop from 'beaver' fur several years ago, after protests that the animal was in danger of becoming extinct.
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