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the price of tickets escalated
increase rapidly.
translation of 'escalate'
In turn, the increased prices caused health costs to 'escalate' in a vicious circle.
Sources say they were kept quiet in order not to 'escalate' the row with Russia.
More studies into the feasibility of a waste tunnel will cause yet more delays and cause costs to 'escalate' further.
When you've made your point and the other party has made his point, please do not 'escalate' it to a never-ending heated discussion.
Therefore there is the possibility that a relatively small problem may rapidly 'escalate' into a crisis.
It is an example of how costs can 'escalate' with private finance initiatives.
Inflation and other building costs could cause the costs to 'escalate' if there was significant delay in construction.
The new parliament remains the centre of controversy as building costs 'escalate' .
Beef prices are now at a twenty-year low while costs continue to 'escalate' .
Not surprisingly petrol prices increased during August as world oil prices continued to 'escalate' .
The cost of the Games has risen to at least 6 billion euros, and many observers expect the costs to 'escalate' even more.
The costs continue to 'escalate' for the country and its people.
If the firefighters persevere with their eight-day strike this week, then matters could 'escalate' rapidly.
we do not want to 'escalate' the war
we do not want to 'escalate' the war
The rate of complaints is 'escalating' and the ombudsman expects numbers to continue rising sharply.
There is long-running rivalry between the two teams which has 'escalated' into violence more than once.
But the problem is that with rapidly 'escalating' costs we are getting less for our money.
I became involved in an incident that could easily have 'escalated' into something really nasty.
It soon 'escalated' into physical and mental abuse and within two months I left and moved in with a girlfriend.
It soon 'escalated' into indiscriminate attacks on white motorists, the burning of cars and attacks on pubs and businesses.
As the cost of education 'escalates' , working class students are left out in the cold.
Soon enough playful shoving 'escalated' into an all-out war, which ended with Alex tackling Jamie to the floor.
It is feared that as the cost of drugs 'escalates' and financial pressure grows on the NHS, there will be many more similar disputes in future.
The main factor that will put a brake on house price rises next year will be gradually 'escalating' interest rates.
She said the dispute 'escalated' into a furious struggle between her and her husband, who was wielding a baseball bat.
A local show of strength then 'escalated' into a confrontation with police.
The argument 'escalated' into a fight which was broken up by the other card players.
In recent years, the battle of the sexes has 'escalated' into a full-fledged gender war.
Soon the case is making headlines and the whole thing 'escalates' rapidly.
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