English to Turkish Dictionary Acclaim


the conference was acclaimed as a considerable success
praise enthusiastically and publicly.
she has won acclaim for her commitment to democracy
enthusiastic and public praise.
translation of 'Acclaim'
ilan etmek,
alkışlarla karşılamak,
The movie had won critical 'acclaim' and is actually one of the few hits that Bollywood turned out this year so far.
Remember, Newry did pride itself for its flower displays before and won widespread 'acclaim' for it.
she has won 'acclaim' for her commitment to democracy
They may even benefit, if, in this secular society, the offer of public 'acclaim' succeeds in stimulating the mean to give.
It's made more money and won more universal 'acclaim' than any film for decades, but never has there been a trilogy of such proportions.
Their performances would merit public 'acclaim' in any of the worlds great stages or theatres.
The film, which will be released in the UK later this year, has already won considerable 'acclaim' in the US.
A North Yorkshire organisation which helps to steer young offenders away from a life of crime has won national 'acclaim' .
He starred in the first festival in 1995, helping to win it national 'acclaim' .
But how to convince those who regard it as an ugly and brutal activity that it merits wider public 'acclaim' ?
All his novels are written in French, and they have received great 'acclaim' there, winning the country's top prizes.
Their debut album has sold over a million copies worldwide since its release in February and has won critical 'acclaim' .
He has achieved it without sponsorship, riches or public 'acclaim' .
she has won 'acclaim' for her commitment to democracy
The movie has won critical 'acclaim' and tasted commercial success in the West.
The novel won her international 'acclaim' , earning her a Whitbread nomination.
Since then he has won much 'acclaim' and has had many public commissions, often on a large scale.
She has also won 'acclaim' as a short story writer, with one of her collections being aired on TV as a prime time serial.
Besides being a phenomenal success that set the cash registers ringing, it won critical 'acclaim' too.
Chicago has already won critical 'acclaim' and attracted big box office takings in London and the United States.
Barbarian Invasions has won plaudits and critical 'acclaim' in Canada and elsewhere.
The service comes six months after the fountain was opened to massive public 'acclaim' .
Although her films have been critically 'acclaimed' , they haven't been so successful at the box office.
He was cheered to the echo and, a trifle remarkably, joyously, and continually, waved to the thousands who were 'acclaiming' him.
TWO 'acclaimed' pieces of drama are set to treat Malvern audiences to a couple of top-class nights out.
In our sixth annual awards, the Doors team 'acclaims' the people and events that are revving up the next digital revolution
But to prove just how fickle us motoring journalists can be, a straw poll among the test party found opinions pretty-well equally divided, half giving the petrol the thumbs up and the others 'acclaiming' the diesel.
She is now 'acclaimed' as a successful musician who can sing in eight languages.
YORK 'acclaims' itself as a cycling city, and perhaps it is, if you can survive the pot holes, hazardous junctions and bike-blind drivers.
Then they would be publicly 'acclaimed' as role models for the loyal opposition.
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