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I accustomed my eyes to the lenses
make (someone or something) accept something as normal or usual.
his accustomed route
customary or usual.
translation of 'Accustomed'
Despite the foul weather, the hosts managed to keep the ball flowing in their 'accustomed' style, and had a number of candidates for man of the match.
The results seemed excellent, and he found himself able to work again with his 'accustomed' acumen and vigour.
These are the poems of a man casting his 'accustomed' cultural archaeological gaze on himself.
Unable to take their 'accustomed' walks beside the sea, people read books, leading to an increase in borrowing at Ipswich library.
They were pushed out of their 'accustomed' habitat and almost all began farming themselves.
In assessing financial needs, a court will have regard to a person's age, health and 'accustomed' standard of living.
I ordered all the drivers to carry out the 'accustomed' work at the usual hours, which was done.
The strange look of anger on her face quickly subsided, and her 'accustomed' cheer returned.
New Zealand threw into 10 lineouts and not once was the fly-half in the 'accustomed' role of first receiver.
Ian stood, his head down and eyes lowered, in his 'accustomed' stance of subservience.
Harry was already sleeping in his 'accustomed' place and, unusually, Dolly came up to rest near my feet.
What it wanted was its 'accustomed' fare of light entertainment, something to help escape from the working week.
Like Francis, most of the characters in this drama are today continuing in their 'accustomed' roles.
But he sings with his 'accustomed' passion and the voice is holding up very well.
She rocked the gleaming harp towards her, nestling it into its 'accustomed' spot on her right shoulder.
My uncle's familiar voice filled with his 'accustomed' brisk sternness answered.
This play between liminal and subliminal is an 'accustomed' part of a novelist's technique.
You nodded to them to show you were fine, and then settled in your 'accustomed' chair.
Thus, in many ways qualitative research cuts across the grain of 'accustomed' research practice.
We like to cuddle up in an 'accustomed' environment, we tend to gravitate towards faces we can identify ourselves with.
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