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place a quantity of mud in a jar with water above
at a higher level or layer.
a display of fireworks above the town
in extended space over and not touching.
bruises above both eyes
at a higher level or layer than.
translation of 'above'
daha çok,
yukarıda olan şey
sözü geçen
But meanwhile the Captain had made his commands heard 'above' the din and confusion.
All of these medicines are similar, so many of the 'above' side effects may occur with any of the medicines.
she looked at the stars 'above'
Family mementos and photographs were carefully spaced along the mantelpiece 'above' a gas fireplace.
an officer of the rank of captain or 'above'
from his flat 'above' the corner shop
She demonstrates a move, flowing gracefully into position with arms extended 'above' her head.
As they are two leagues 'above' the local side it was, as it turned out, a fair and very entertaining game.
It has unemployment levels at three times the national average and truancy rates run five times 'above' average measures.
bruises 'above' both eyes
His research shows that two-thirds of policewomen 'above' the rank of constable do not have children.
The demands placed on our rank by those 'above' us are significant, to attend their meetings, to do their bidding.
she thinks she's 'above' that kind of work
I, then, noticed a bright light in the sky 'above' and not too far beyond the mountaintops.
Today he cannot raise his arms 'above' his head because his shoulders were dislocated so many times.
What the 'above' have in common, though, is the presence of a recognised, established quality striker.
the weather is affected by the cold regions 'above' us
Mary looked up at her for a moment and spoke, her voice barely 'above' a whisper.
bruises 'above' both eyes
Low to mid-20s would be a good average for most people with anything 'above' seen as a bonus.
They were polite and spoke barely 'above' a whisper and never used faults in an animal to force a deal.
Then Briony became silent, staring angrily at the space 'above' his left shoulder.
His work at Balco testifies to a character that placed profit 'above' honesty and too easily chose wealth over morality.
The company's directors drove expensive cars that were leagues 'above' the fleet vehicles that staff had.
One pound of seed spaced at the 'above' recommendation should take up one-tenth of an acre.
see 'above' left
There's a nest in the woodrose vine outside the drawing room window, just 'above' my eye level.
It was a tight dress that reached my ankles, it had slits up the side that reached just 'above' my knee and the top of it was cut in a v neck.
a cable runs 'above' the duct
It will see a scientific centre of excellence created at the museum, which stands on the former airfield on the hills 'above' Wroughton.
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