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he achieved his ambition to become a journalist
reach or attain (a desired objective, level, or result) by effort, skill, or courage.
translation of 'achieve'
meydana getirmek,
elde etmek,
people striving to 'achieve'
It brings it home to us what we can 'achieve' on this tour if that is the way we are training.
The report also said that the pupils had made good progress to 'achieve' the test results.
people striving to 'achieve'
those who'll go on to 'achieve' later in life
I intend to do everything within my power to make sure that we 'achieve' these objectives.
He cannot be expected to 'achieve' results by dint of enthusiasm and fresh ideas alone.
to 'achieve' a target
It's also important to have a strategy from the outset if you are to 'achieve' your objective.
to 'achieve' an aim at the cost of sth else
to 'achieve' a dream
to 'achieve' a result
One of the ways the law aims to 'achieve' these consequences is by banning certain actions.
It's simple, it's to the point, there's a lightness of feel to it, and it 'achieves' results.
We are 'achieving' significant results in reducing crime and the fear of crime.
He is a progressive and modern farmer who 'achieves' excellent results.
In the Unland sculptures it is the unexpected combination of wood, thread and hair that 'achieves' this effect.
It is a testament to what is 'achievable' within the industry with the correct planning and foresight.
As a result, 'achieving' any change in society is always an uphill and often thankless task.
This contrast gives Pip a depth that Oliver never 'achieves' , and Pip's story is better for it.
I believe that this volume 'achieves' just what the editors and contributors intended.
In its theme of escape, the film 'achieves' , if not suspense, exactly, then tension.
Thus the novel 'achieves' more realism for having so many strange people milling about.
The system 'achieves' this by varying the timing and size of the pilot and main fuel injections according to conditions.
The eye is one of the main tell-tale signs that a system has 'achieved' cyclone intensity.
Don't linger on the story yet, but pay attention to what it 'achieves' , and where it's headed.
In most cases, as long as the worker 'achieves' set targets, they will be left to their own devices.
Now all of this is possible and 'achievable' in the space of a few hours.
The emotional tenor he 'achieves' in all of these pieces may be the single most memorable quality of his work.
Another fantastic feature is the balance among voices that Parmentier 'achieves' .
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