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the estimate was much less than the actual cost
existing in fact; typically as contrasted with what was intended, expected, or believed.
using actual income to measure expected income
existing now; current.
translation of 'actual'
I've not sent the 'actual' letter yet
Viable alternatives to oil will only emerge when real and 'actual' necessity dictates it.
It is difficult to see how the 'actual' words in the Constitution support her approach.
The site had become unkept and littered with refuse and waste, in particularly the 'actual' pond itself.
It will need simple but accurate budgets and forecasts to check against 'actual' income and expenditure.
A lot of people think it may be the 'actual' intensity of the soundwave that's important.
There is a dispute between the parties as to the 'actual' income of the Respondent.
The 'actual' life experience of the therapist can be an extremely important factor.
Estimates which were lower than the 'actual' income of the taxpayer were not appealed against.
The doses were very small and were calculated to be small in terms of 'actual' virus particles.
He read it literally as real, 'actual' abuse meted out by an attacker on her victim.
It is a pointer to the fact that the 'actual' bill may, itself, be wrong and the estimate right.
The 'actual' cost of creating and maintaining that environment is minimal.
As this has happened, the structure of the content, the 'actual' text, has become more important.
Japan is taking part in the peace process as host, but is not an 'actual' participant.
Two of the most important factors are the topography of the seafloor and the 'actual' shape of the shoreline.
This came as no real surprise to the 'actual' drivers who completely ignored the threat.
'actual' money
Under the 'actual' facts of the case, the Court found that the judge had taken no actions of any significance.
So, the 'actual' content of the cigarette is less important than its function.
Thus, the 'actual' footage of Carroll saying anything of importance is a bit limited.
If people do not have details of their 'actual' income for this tax year, they must provide an estimate.
the film is based on 'actual' events
This is the inexhaustible domain of what is real without being 'actual' , what is not but which may be.
do you have 'actual' experience of teaching?
The two countries were almost at war and that is much more important than marking the day of the 'actual' event.
The 'actual' cost of dealing with cancer can run into thousands of pounds.
Somewhere in this mass of opinions and 'actual' fact lies the truth about what is actually safe.
It's like they're trying to find an excuse for having arrested him, ignoring the 'actual' facts.
In other words, the 'actual' price of the material and its selling price is very different.
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