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an acute housing shortage
(of a bad, difficult, or unwelcome situation or phenomenon) present or experienced to a severe or intense degree.
an acute awareness of changing fashions
having or showing a perceptive understanding or insight: shrewd.
translation of 'acute'
Her valuable book offers the reader an 'acute' insight into the origins of our present-day consumer culture.
It also said that nursing homes should be used to allow patients be discharged from 'acute' hospitals.
Heliox is a unique therapy for 'acute' asthma because it decreases airway resistance without changing the diameter of the airway.
In order to facilitate comparison among layers, all angles were measured as 'acute' angles relative to the horizontal axis of the body.
Appropriate treatment controls 'acute' symptoms and reduces the risk of longer term complications.
The Renaissance Italians also had an 'acute' insight into the importance of the balance of power for maintaining international order among themselves.
Acute dysentery, typhoid fever and 'acute' hepatitis were the next three most frequently reported diseases.
In recent years, there has been increased use of dipstick tests for rapid screening and diagnosis of 'acute' malaria in rural endemic areas.
None had 'acute' disease such as other types of infection, heart failure or stroke during the study period.
Just after the operation, Mr Waters said he remembered lying on a bed next to Sam in the hospital's 'acute' ward, then looking over and seeing a strange, weak smile on Sam's face.
Symptoms of 'acute' disease resolve by one to three months, although some persons have prolonged fatigue.
This is an 'acute' sound, which evokes desperate associations.
The situation is rather 'acute' among blue-collar immigrants who migrate to the United States.
For a 16 year old, I had an 'acute' awareness of the world outside of my own little high school/town.
An Adam Heyslip corner from the right was met by the unmarked Darren Flanagan at the back post and from an 'acute' angle, he tucked the ball to the corner of the net giving the keeper little chance.
Drought-like situation prevails in the district due to 'acute' shortage of water and extended power cuts triggered by delay in the monsoon.
While the cut in interest rates should alleviate some of the most 'acute' pressures facing the economy, the UK economic climate has worsened and we are facing new dangers.
My name is pronounced Colay and has an 'acute' on the e.
As we will see, his works display an 'acute' awareness of human faults and frailties and his writing exhibits a vividness and an elegance that makes it a pleasure to read.
In several villages and towns dotting the district, 'acute' shortage of potable water has turned into an alarming situation.
Widely derided as being out of touch with the country, in fact the prime minister showed an 'acute' awareness of the opposition's weaknesses and how best to exploit them.
But Paul Hartley, having sped down the right flank into the box, sensed glory and drove the ball straight at goal from an 'acute' angle.
The hospital is closing ward five, which deals with 'acute' medical patients, until more nursing staff are recruited.
It is reminiscent of Pessoa's poems on Spring in its 'acute' awareness of the poet's mortality.
Saccheri then studied the hypothesis of the 'acute' angle and derived many theorems of non-Euclidean geometry without realising what he was doing.
In the present scenario, where 'acute' water shortage has become a reality, it is not right to pass the burden on to the people.
They have no rights, but an 'acute' awareness of their responsibilities to the youngest and most vulnerable generation.
Kayser-Jones defined 'acute' illness in the nursing home as a change in health, with specific signs and symptoms of recent onset.
Once the patient leaves the 'acute' hospital, they may be transferred to a rehabilitation unit where they can get more intensive therapy.
However, since then, patients needing urgent 'acute' surgical care have had to travel 15 miles to the nearest hospital in Cashel.
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