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they had adventured into the forest
engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.
her recent adventures in Italy
an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.
translation of 'adventure'
riske atmak,
tehlikeye atmak
tehlikeli iş,
The only downside to my commercial 'adventure' is the mischief being done to the American dollar.
But the people I met find excitement and 'adventure' , an extraordinary sense of freedom.
A holiday in this province can be an exciting 'adventure' .
Even for veteran scuba divers such as myself, an excursion on a submarine is an exciting 'adventure' .
Travelling by train has always been associated with romance and 'adventure' , and one of the best ways to see the east coast of the States is by doing just that.
‘I feel as though we're embarking upon an exciting 'adventure' ,’ she confessed, her eyes sparkling.
I am armed with a sense of 'adventure' , and excited for what awaits.
she travelled the world in search of 'adventure'
There was a flushed look on his face, as if the thrill of danger and 'adventure' was something he dearly missed.
Starting a business based on a passion is an exciting 'adventure' .
The trip is an exciting 'adventure' for Alex and mum Karen who is accompanying him, especially as the location for the shoot was originally going to be Nottingham.
There was so much excitement and 'adventure' in this story that really made me think about my life, in particular what I take for granted.
There is something endlessly appealing about this film, a sense of 'adventure' and excitement as seen through the lens of a Hollywood of a more innocent time.
I sold my East India 'adventure' of £250 principal for £750
As for those choosing to trek, this activity will mean thrill, excitement and 'adventure' .
I go out looking for 'adventure' and risk, so I can feel alive.
The danger, excitement and 'adventure' of racing yachts on the high seas awaits a North Yorkshire woman, picked to take part in one of the world's toughest yacht races.
she traveled the world in search of 'adventure'
For some children starting kindergarten is an exciting 'adventure' , for others the experience borders on the terrifying.
What is lacking is suitable play equipment for our children to explore and develop their sense of 'adventure' and excitement.
You are a roamer and need 'adventure' , excitement, and freedom.
The past year was full of 'adventure' and excitement.
It is a new experience, a new 'adventure' , and we have lots of family and friends who will come out to see us.
Rome offers you a wide range of excitement, 'adventure' , and enjoyment.
Men crave 'adventure' , risk, danger and heroic sacrifice.
What happened to that sense of academic 'adventure' , excitement and curiosity?
There is, of course, some thrill and sense of 'adventure' in this sudden departure to a wholly new country and continent.
But suppressing their sense of 'adventure' and insulating them from risk is not good for their long-term development.
She is a woman accustomed to both 'adventure' and danger.
It is also an exciting 'adventure' and a story of a quest that must be fulfilled.
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