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I'm afraid of dogs
feeling fear or anxiety; frightened.
translation of 'afraid'
I'm 'afraid' that what he alludes to is only a possibility among others, and not in my view the most likely one.
In all her life she had never been 'afraid' of a single man besides her father.
I was 'afraid' to look. I opened my eyes and saw my husband on his knees in a pile of glass, holding his face in his hands.
It is not just passengers who are 'afraid' of flying - airline employees are fearful too.
For example, we are 'afraid' that if others knew the truth about us, they wouldn't like us.
Everyone is 'afraid' that you'll write something damning about them for all to see.
He said that he was 'afraid' that people would not come and stay around the town if there was a concert.
True leaders are not 'afraid' of telling the truth as they see it for fear of losing favor.
These men might be 'afraid' of her now, but that fear would only last as long as she could keep her power flowing.
Now I am 'afraid' that my right ear, which is almost normal, may also develop problems.
I know if it was me I would be frightened and would be 'afraid' to go out after dark.
He is 'afraid' that if his marking is challenged and an appeal conducted he will be held to have been discriminatory.
I am 'afraid' that the answer is one that people may not want to hear or even think about.
True scholars are 'afraid' of no hypothesis; they go where others fear to think.
We were 'afraid' that the sunrise would not be as glorious as we'd wanted it to be because of the clouds.
They kill and maim people and are too 'afraid' to take the consequences of their actions.
They felt nervous about walking home in the dark; they were 'afraid' of evil spirits.
The greatest trick is to not to show that you are 'afraid' of something.
Anyone who has nothing to be fearful of should not be 'afraid' of the Customs Service.
He says that since starting the job he is less jumpy and no longer 'afraid' of the dark.
I spent most of the film 'afraid' that something terrible would happen to a child, explicitly or not.
Some are 'afraid' of retaliation because they have been vocal proponents of peace.
They're not 'afraid' to slow their songs down, lose the bass and add a pretty vocal.
Like a doctor 'afraid' to frighten a patient with a truthful diagnosis, it doesn't say half enough.
I'm 'afraid' that sulphur gives some people a headache and puts them off wine altogether.
They only have power if we believe they have, if we are 'afraid' of them and we let our fear silence us.
He said today he was not 'afraid' of competing with supermarkets but feared the effect on customer choice.
Another part of me is 'afraid' that it's temporary and that I'm not going to be able to hold onto it.
I'm 'afraid' that I still break out in a cold sweat when Patricia's being masterful.
I'm 'afraid' that, when it comes right down to it, this is the one that's likely to be closest to the truth.
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