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translation of 'afterwards'
daha sonra,
ondan sonra,
As Brad and I walked out of the theater 'afterwards' , we knew we had just seen a masterpiece.
He showed no concern or remorse but one witness saw him smiling shortly 'afterwards' .
He was playing golf again very soon 'afterwards' while the others took months to recover.
Every doctor who came to see me 'afterwards' said they hadn't expected to see me alive again.
It was definitely something to laugh about 'afterwards' but certainly not at the time.
The only person who could do that would be somebody visiting the crime scene 'afterwards' .
Shortly 'afterwards' two men approached the wire gate but left a few seconds later.
I'll see you 'afterwards'
I had to stay for dinner as it was all arranged, but managed to make my escape 'afterwards' .
I really wanted to spend time with Ruth but the party 'afterwards' was totally hectic.
A lovely meal of sausages and chips in the cafe 'afterwards' rounded off a great afternoon.
the offender was arrested shortly 'afterwards'
I learned 'afterwards' that ...
Everyone I know who saw it was really affected by it, for years and years 'afterwards' .
He said 'afterwards' that such a major development in a green belt was unacceptable.
It was only 'afterwards' that the couple learned of the unusual nature of the procedure.
Then she heard a cracking noise and shortly 'afterwards' the smoke detector sounded.
she was never well 'afterwards'
Some time 'afterwards' he discovered that money was being debited from his bank account.
Production will stop at the end of May and the factory will close shortly 'afterwards' .
Not only was it an interesting event, but there was lots of free wine 'afterwards' !
Both of them told me 'afterwards' what an excellent and moving thing it had been.
She said 'afterwards' that they had made her feel uneasy and that she had turned to go back home to avoid them.
The plan is to call for a vote on the deal in May and pay the dividends shortly 'afterward' .
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