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the fight against crime
in opposition to.
insurance against sickness and unemployment
in anticipation of and preparation for (a problem or difficulty).
translation of 'against'
ters olarak,
He did, truth to be told, bet 'against' Liverpool but it was a wager we were happy to lose.
The early poncho was worn by men of all classes as a garment for protection 'against' the rain and cold.
It is one of the various small ways in which the public can fight back 'against' the people who are undermining their quality of life.
If you weigh that 'against' good behaviour for the last year does that warrant releasing him into the public?
The team won five matches and only dropped one game for the round 'against' Navy in the lead up to the finals.
The first thing we see on stage is the old lady in her rocking chair silhouetted 'against' a window.
Protection 'against' winter cold will give some plants in the garden a better chance of making it through to the spring.
The harm of ending an incipient life must be weighed 'against' the consequences for society.
The employee should get a written explanation of this and must be told that he or she has the right to appeal 'against' your decision.
the euro was firm 'against' the dollar
he gritted his teeth 'against' the pain
a vaccination 'against' measles
Artists may join a union from which they receive insurance 'against' unemployment.
The best protection 'against' loss, damage or injury due to wildfire is prevention.
The benefits of overthrow must of course be weighed 'against' the horrific costs of war.
The film shows how she and her mother battled 'against' her learning difficulties.
They thus gave permission for them to take out insurance 'against' damage suffered.
After one last, warning crush, he let go, my frame slumping 'against' the wall for support.
The door was slammed hard 'against' the wall, sending it rocking on its hinges.
While there will be even more chances to bet, the odds are 'against' even more punters winning.
The risks of taking medicine have to be weighed 'against' the risks of depression.
But now all he wants to do is get home before the Whites big match 'against' Manchester City this weekend.
A curtain has been fixed at the eastern end of the shelter as a protection 'against' the driving wind and rain.
She was grabbed by the hair, pushed 'against' the wall and had her head banged several times by the accused.
Obviously injuries may be picked up in their Boxing Day game 'against' Portsmouth, so keep one eye on that match.
The need to be met is not weighed 'against' other needs in such a way as to order a phasing of the process.
frustration made him bang his head 'against' the wall
Gaze up at the horizon and see the silhouette of the fort 'against' the night sky.
But he said they were an important weapon in the fight 'against' terrorism and organised crime.
The man finally stops his kicking and he grabs me by my hair and slams me 'against' the wall.
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