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بلاک بسٹر
a blockbuster pay-per-view special event
a thing of great power or size, in particular a movie, book, or other product that is a great commercial success.
The story of your relationship could be a 'blockbuster' film or a Shakespeare play.
a 'blockbuster' film
The big production houses are mostly putting their money on the 'blockbuster' category of films with a big star cast that promise money.
It's really easy to write a mainstream pop song, a bestselling novel, a 'blockbuster' film…
By the time a 'blockbuster' film shows itself in the multiplex there are so many column inches, trailers, TV specials and web-sites about it that you feel you have already seen the film.
This film delivers 'blockbuster' action, but its blistering pace leaves the story as soulless as the monsters that inhabit it.
Not only is she one of America's most respected space scientists, she was also the model for the heroine of a 'blockbuster' Hollywood film.
Big 'blockbuster' films tend to creak under their own weight and the momentum of them, for an actor, sometimes just gets in the way.
Maybe you're not going to film a 'blockbuster' movie after you lose weight, but, you know, you could treat yourself to a massage.
For example, the contemporary American cinema tends to position teenagers at the center of audiences for 'blockbuster' films.
her new book is a real 'blockbuster'
'blockbuster' film
Did you dub it in Hindi with an intention of getting into 'blockbuster' films in Bollywood?
But more importantly, the festival lets you take a break from those big Hollywood 'blockbuster' films.
a 'blockbuster' pay-per-view special event
We need a convincing experience - like a 'blockbuster' Hollywood film can deliver, when we get sucked into a great 2-hour film.
With its amazing array of talents and personalities, this film could serve as a sort of template for the later star-laden 'blockbuster' disaster films.
You were restricted only to the 'blockbuster' films in a small town.
Films - especially 'blockbusters' - have always done a great job of reflecting current American sentiment.
She's rich and successful, a best-selling novelist whose devoted fans have made her books and movies commercial 'blockbusters' .
I have done a whole body of work - classy 'blockbusters' , completely commercial films and art movies.
They elect presidents and make films into 'blockbusters' and books into bestsellers.
Consequently, in a new millennium that has been dominated by Hollywood 'blockbusters' and British rom-coms, many film buffs have been looking abroad for their cinematic kicks.
Do you prefer 'blockbusters' or smaller films?
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