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he rammed his stick into the ground
roughly force (something) into place.
Mr Watkinson, from Constable Burton, near Leyburn, won best male with his aged ram .
an uncastrated male sheep.
Burnside Autocyl Ltd, Tullow is a European leader in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and rams .
a hydraulic water-raising or lifting machine.
random-access memory.
translation of 'ram'
The Tom Crean Memorial Project would like to acknowledge with gratitude the Dingle sheep farmer who donated the 'ram' for auction at Camp Fair in aid of their project.
A shearling 'ram' shown by Tom Davies, of Pinvin, was champion male and reserve supreme.
Mr Watkinson, from Constable Burton, near Leyburn, won best male with his aged 'ram' .
Grasp the press body with your left hand, then lower the 'ram' by pulling the lever with your right.
Also, castle guards often poured hot oil or other things onto the 'ram' and its engineers.
This idea was developed in 1820 by Thomas Burr, who produced a hydraulic press with a mandrel attached to the 'ram' .
The press consists of the die, a pressure cylinder, the 'ram' , and a container which receives the preheated ingot, or billet, to be extruded.
The view of my trunk blocked the view of the RV for the moment, but I knew it would 'ram' into my car again if I didn't get over.
Its bronze 'ram' could smash enemy ships and armed soldiers could leap aboard a foe's vessel in hand-to-hand combat with spears and swords.
So a bellwether is the head 'ram' with a bell hung around its neck.
I wanted to 'ram' into other cars to show them they shouldn't drive so rudely.
Sunday's referendum to 'ram' through a new constitution
Below, the reinforced gates were suffering a battering from a siege 'ram' .
The Virginia carried ten major guns (four in each broadside, one bow and one stern gun) and an iron 'ram' .
Whereas the Turks still favoured ramming, the Christian galleys had large guns pointing forward above the 'ram' , and were well protected against the Turkish arrows.
A fearless milkman used his milk cart to 'ram' into a robber's getaway car just minutes after being threatened with a gun.
They all go home after killing a 'ram' and renaming the mountain.
The crows began to 'ram' into the car trying to get inside.
He says one man with a hoe 'ram' on a Bobcat can break the same amount of concrete that two or three men could do with a jackhammer.
In the ensuing sea chase, the trawler collided with another French fishing boat, tried to 'ram' HMS Alderney, and eventually hit the warship while cutting across her bows.
He said since the trial someone had tried to 'ram' his car and force him off the road.
Incidents whereby civilians try to 'ram' convoy vehicles are on the rise.
At 8.50 pm an attempt was made to stop him but he numerous attempts to 'ram' the Garda car, causing £800 worth of damage to the Garda car.
A Merino 'ram' from the Merryville Stud at Boorowa, in New South Wales, has attracted the top price at this year's Australian Sheep and Wool Show sale.
The man stole two cars, smashed into two vehicles, attempted to 'ram' Garda patrol cars, reversed back into a Garda motorcyclist and attempted to hijack another car before being captured.
The galley's major weapon was originally a 'ram' on the water-line, used to hole enemy ships or to smash their oars.
They were armed with a 'ram' , relied on oars for propulsion and their deep v-shaped lower hulls had a significant advantage in speed and manoeuvrability.
The van then 'rammed' the car off the road and sped off.
He stepped on the breaks but the two cars behind him 'rammed' into the car, pushing them directly behind the truck.
Six crew members aboard were arrested on the spot and their ship later sank into the sea because of damage sustained when the boat intentionally 'rammed' the coast guard ship in an attempt to flee.
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