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I sat sipping coffee
drink (something) by taking small mouthfuls.
she took a sip of the red wine
a small mouthful of liquid.
translation of 'sip'
چسکی لینا
Julius took a 'sip' of his cappuccino and took out a pack of cigarettes.
I nodded and took a 'sip' of my water, absent-mindedly sloshing the liquid around in my glass.
We would silently 'sip' our tea or coffee and just stare out the window or read a book.
Rose placed the carton back in its place and took a 'sip' of the fresh liquid, satisfying her thirst.
John took a 'sip' of the liquid and his mind began to clear even faster.
Even carrot juice tastes better when you 'sip' it sitting on comfortable armchairs.
Jack took a 'sip' of the dark liquid, savouring its rich, burning taste.
She took a 'sip' of her Champagne and looked down at the plate before her.
I took a 'sip' of my soda, staring at the plain white plastic lid, completely ignoring him.
The pope took a 'sip' of wine, turned it on his tongue, and swallowed it thoughtfully.
Chon took a 'sip' of the diet soda he had ordered and then leaned on the table.
I took a 'sip' of the warm liquid and suddenly gulped as a thought hit me.
she took a 'sip' of the red wine
Ally took a 'sip' of her mocha, now that it had a little time to cool off.
She took a 'sip' of the brownish liquid in her can, grimacing slightly, but not sputtering it out.
He sits in center court to 'sip' his coffee and if he sees the mayor walk past, he can run over to get an autograph.
He took a 'sip' of water and tossed a few tablets into his mouth before taking another swig from the bottle.
It was nice to sit quietly in the company of loved ones, 'sip' coffee, gaze off into the far horizon and think about this and that.
Kit grinned and took a 'sip' of water, then poured some on his blonde head.
He took a 'sip' of his whiskey and waited for the man's chortles to subside.
she took a 'sip' of the red wine
It is healthier to 'sip' a cup of tea several times a day rather than down it all at once.
She took a 'sip' of her frappuccino, turned a page in her book, and went on reading.
I took a 'sip' of water from the glass on the table in front of me and glanced at my watch.
Every morning I sit on my roof, 'sip' coffee, feed the pigeons, and gaze at the Manhattan skyline.
He took a 'sip' of water from the water fountain and then he went to the back of the locker room where the freshmen lockers were placed.
I took a 'sip' of my Coke because I needed to do something with myself.
He watched as she finished the last of her hot dog and took a 'sip' of her Coke.
She lowered herself regally into one of the chairs and sat quietly 'sipping' her tea while Marley waited for her bun.
Humans can be divided into many defining sets: cat people or dog people, beer drinkers or cocktail 'sippers' , those who wear gold or those who wear silver.
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