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Hobson spoke truer than he knew
Despite the distance and the wind, Hooper had aimed true .
accurately or without variation.
He begins the laborious process by truing the radius of the front strap and then meticulously laying out line after line of the finely cut checkering.
bring (an object, wheel, or other construction) into the exact shape, alignment, or position required.
a true story
in accordance with fact or reality.
it was a true depiction
accurate or exact.
translation of 'TRUE'
Decode the neologisms and euphemisms and you gain a rare insight into the strategists' 'true' intentions.
We don't want a list of random facts that just happen to be 'true' of all the languages that are spoken now.
If she's a 'true' friend, you should be able to be honest and open about your feelings.
It was 'true' , they conceded, that many people in Brecon went elsewhere for some of their shopping.
he fired 'true'
Just when my one 'true' dream became real, it suddenly turns out to be my worst nightmare.
he's a 'true' craftsman
They mean you will have 'true' and loyal friendship and success in love.
Their objections are, in the 'true' sense of the word, unthinking.
This is especially 'true' of any organization that must raise money to support itself.
Yet this is not an actual or 'true' experience, because it does not recur the next day or anytime soon.
These last two materials account for a large proportion of our household waste, and I'm sure this is 'true' of many others.
Australia asked the master of the Norwegian ship Tampa to assist, and in 'true' Viking tradition, he did.
You have no one in your life you consider to be a 'true' friend, and never have.
Colleges and universities should form the pyramid's peak in 'true' sense of the word.
a 'true' description
Adam Smith never spoke 'true' r than when he said: "Work is done in the workplace, but the real business of life is usually accomplished while entertaining".
He often acted the ham, but his 'true' self came through at times like this, too.
He told me that he thought his uncle was one of the world's last gentlemen, in the 'true' sense of a man of gentle behaviour and manners.
He was a 'true' friend of Betty's and his death was a sad loss to her.
I entered the house and 'true' enough both of my parents were in the living room.
her 'true' passion is literature
at least she's running 'true' to form!
I do not think 'true' religion can be irrational, but it certainly can be more than rational.
is it 'true' about Dónall?
I understand now, that we have to go through several acquaintances before we meet 'true' friends.
The Real have 'true' potential so let's hope they get the big break they deserve.
In fact it is not quite 'true' of such stuff that it lacks a tradition.
Which of these could be allowed to lay claim to being the 'true' representative of that religion?
the 'true' nature of the problem
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