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Product Features
Basic Plan
Certified Plan
Experiential Plan
Access to Hello English's General English learning Platform
Learn English from 20 vernacular languages - up to 475 lessons and associated games
Interactive learning with lessons, games, dictionary, and contextual learning features
Practice section with interactive games (on conversations, spelling, translations, being succinct, swap etc.), news, articles, audios, videos, e-books
Hello English App version: for Android devices (4.0 and above), IOS (10 and above) and Web version (for laptops/ computers)
Baseline Assessment for a personalized learning
Baseline Assessment: adaptive assessment to adjudge individual user's starting level, and recommend a personalized starting level
Levels defined as per CEFR standards
Co-branded learning solution
Trainees get access to a customized App for your organization
Dedicated company logo presence on the App: Settings Menu, and Homework screen
Organization level Leaderboards
Customized organization level leaderboards. Trainees get rank at the organization level, with Top 10 performers listed, and performance gap defined in comparison to Top 10
Realtime Tracking, analytics and comparative reports
Web based dashboard with individual level analytics around usage and engagement - available 24*7.
Filters available: draw summaries at branch/ city level, team level etc. (UP TO TWO FILTERS)
Reports exportable as CSVs/ xls files
Login/passwords for the company administrators
Post Assessment
Post assessment at the end of the training period. Assess trainees on key aspects of English proficiency picked up during the training period
Generate 'Hello English Score' for each trainee
Hello English Certification
Learners qualifying on the post assessment get co-branded certificates with parent organization's brand standing out
Certificates to have 'Hello English Score' for each learner
Blended experience for each learner with dedicated human trainer allotted
Dedicated English language coach allotted for each learner
Conduct one-to-one sessions (voice/ video based) with the learners
Learners get trained on a pre-defined curriculum such as formal introductions, situations common to be encountered at the workplace, reporting and presentations, and many more
Coach oversees the learners' App-based performance and reinforces the curriculum covered in each session
Detailed reporting at the end of each session for learners and admin teams
30 minutes sessions, 2 sessions per week, total 24 sessions over 3 months
Pricing (in INR) 1,550
per learner for 3 Months
per learner for 3 Months
per learner for 3 Months


Premium courses specific to your industry/ needs
500832 per learner per course
Bulk plans will be applicable only if the purchase is made at a single go. One cannot at any point, buy licenses piecemeal. Plus 100% of the license fees has to be paid upfront in advance before the roll-out. The licenses are available to be consumed within 1 year from the date of purchase.
In-App Helpline Support (for learners)
6014 per learner for 3 Months
Real time chat-based helpline, available Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 7 PM IST
WhatsApp, SMS, E-mail Support (for learners)
150312 per learner for 3 Months
Real time helpline - chat based, available Mon-Fri, 10 AM - 7 PM IST
Voice call Support (for learners)
300520 per learner for 3 Months
2 calls per month, 15 mins duration each
Extra Assessment
7501352 per learner per extra assessment
Add an extra assessment to the program, conduct as needed

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